Reaching maturity in the business world imparts the realization that simply being good at your job is not enough. Perception, awareness, and presentation are important factors, and ignorance towards them can invoke severe punishment. Being good in your field requires that you learn to present not just your product, but yourself as well. However, overnight mastery of such an elaborate subject is not possible, as you must tweak and improve your interviewing techniques.

Every field of activity has its own intricacies and specific requirements, so this guide will avoid specifics, and focus on more general qualities such as attitude and confidence. It starts with the assumption that you are good at your craft, but lack the interviewing skills to take advantage of your preparation. View it as any other skill, because it can get better with each try. Here is what you can do to improve your interviewing skills:

Practice Makes Perfect

This may be easier for some, and very hard for others. Social anxiety can cripple even the brightest minds, but it is an obstacle you must overcome if you want to make it in the “dog eat dog” business world. Always remember that people who fear rejection often pass up great opportunities.

One must use that opportunity to analyze mistakes, and test out behaviors and tactics. Any mistakes you make should be used as basis for improvement rather than self-criticism. Persevere in the face of rejection and dismissal, with the guarantee that success will be waiting for you if you persevere. The first stages of the process cannot be won; they must merely be survived. If are successful in surviving, you can then elevate your goal to winning.

You Are Not As Boring As You Think You Are

Due to the nervousness caused by the interview, people may develop a temporary inferiority complex. The person in question might start to undersell their story. However, an interview is not the time for self-deprecation. There is no such thing as a boring story, only boring ways to tell it. You cannot control what has happened, but you can control the angle it is presented from. Self-awareness and introspection are all skills you may learn by presenting yourself during interviews.

Talk the Talk, and Walk the Walk

Remember, how good you are at your job is only part of the equation. You would be surprised how many unqualified people end up in leadership positions, just because they present a slick exterior. Groom yourself for success, because no one else will do it for you.

It may be helpful to watch movies or Internet videos that depict powerful career persons. See how they carry themselves, how they talk, and how they dress. Emulate their successful formula, if you lack your own. Never avoid eye contact, as it is surely a sign of weakness and submission. If it seems forced or difficult, do not worry. It is perfectly normal, and the strenuous sensation will diminish with time. Finally, you must remember to do business like you shake hands, firm and assertive.

Allen Blackwood has worked as a professional recruitment consultant for more than a decade. He recommends the website for those looking for expert recruitment services.