Education is an important factor in any child’s development. Choosing the right school will allow them to acquire the skills that they need in order to succeed in life. There are several key factors to consider when selecting the right school, so it is important to have a clear strategy.

This guide contains some helpful advice for parents who are struggling with the decision of where to send their children to school. Read on in order to find out more.

Draw Up A Shortlist Of Potential Schools

Some parents may be tempted to choose the first school that grabs their attention. A better approach is to inspect several schools and draw up a shortlist of the best private schools in Perth, alongside public schools. The pros and cons of each school can be carefully weighed against each other, and names can be crossed off the list until it has been whittled down to the final two choices.

Decide Between Public Or Private Schools

Choosing between a public or private school is an important decision. Private schools give parents a greater degree of scrutiny over teachers because of the fees involved. Fee-paying schools often have better facilities than a state school because of the budget available and they are free from government interference. Public schools provide a free education but there is less accountability for teachers and these schools can sometimes run short of funding. Kingsway Christian College in Perth is a private school which offers children a well-rounded education

Weigh up the pros and cons of each type of school before making the final decision.

Inspect The Facilities Carefully

A quality school should be equipped with the latest technology and should offer a wide range of facilities. Inspect each school on the list and note down the pros and cons of the facilities which are on offer. For example, one school may have an excellent science laboratory whilst their sports fields have fallen into disrepair. Another school may have a fully-stocked music department but the art department may be running low on supplies. Ultimately, the quality of the facilities could be the key factor that leads parents to choose one school over another.

Arrange An Interview With Head Teachers

Arranging an interview with the head teacher of the school is an ideal opportunity to ask as many questions as possible. Draw up a list of questions, and don’t be afraid to ask challenging questions about any negative aspects of the school. The headteacher will be able to give parents a clearer idea of whether the school is suitable for their child.

Ask To Watch The Teachers Deliver A Lesson

In most private schools it is possible to ‘sit in’ on a lesson to see how well the teachers handle their class. Parents will be able to assess the quality of teaching and can then make a decision as to whether they should send their child to that school.

Use this guide in order to choose the right school for any children in the family.