Students who want to learn English as a second language often find that one of the most exciting places in the world to do it is in the centre of London. London has a very liberal policy that allows students to work as they study, which makes it an even better opportunity. The city is a great place for students to explore, and there are many other young people, so most students find it easy to make friends.

Why Students Need To Pursue Education In The Centre Of London


A student’s first concern should be learning The English language as it will make everything else much easier to accomplish. An English school in the centre of London may be the perfect solution because it makes getting everywhere else in the city convenient. Students should think about how much money they can afford to spend to learn the language properly. Additionally, students should decide if full-time or part-time classes are right for them. Students can choose among a variety of classes based on their current English level. The smaller the class size, the easier most students find it to learn, since it gives them more time to speak the language. Additionally, look for a programme that focuses on all four parts of English—reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Finally, students should look for a programme that allows them to learn proper grammar and to increase their vocabulary.

Those students who already have a good grasp of the English language before arriving in London may find exam preparation courses meet their needs. These courses are specifically designed to help students pass the Cambridge Language Assessment and IELTS exams that many colleges require students to pass before admitting them. This is a great opportunity for students to identify any weaknesses and work with professionals to help them strengthen those areas before taking the exam.

Students who want to pursue a career in business often benefit from taking English language courses that deal with real-life business scenarios. These courses often help the student not only develop their English skills but also help the student learn the nuisances of doing business in London.


Many students find it necessary to work while they learn English in school. It is vital that a student gets help with developing their CV. Employers in London look very carefully at this document before deciding whom to call for a job interview. Therefore, the student needs to make sure that he or she writes the CV in the correct format and that it uses English phrases. The best schools in London have experts who have helped many students prepare this document and the cover letter that often goes with it. The great news for students is that there is no requirement to have a work visa to gain employment in London, so students can immediately seek employment. In fact, many employers are willing to work with anxious students, because they find many students to be very productive workers who are looking for a chance to get ahead.


Students wanting to attend school in the centre of London find that they have several different accommodation options. One such option is to stay with a host family. Executive homeshares are usually offered in the centre of London, and many students find them a great option because they are often located near schools and offer the opportunity to interact with a family that can help them learn English faster. Other students choose to stay in homes where other students are already living, as this often makes it easier to make friends. Many homeshare programmes offer one to three meals a day along with a place to stay. This eliminates the need for a student to go grocery shopping while allowing him or her to get accustomed to eating English food.

Another option for students is house share programmes. These programmes allow students to enjoy having their bedroom while sharing the kitchen and usually the bathroom with other students. Those living in these houses usually find it easy to make friends, as they are living in the same house with other people about their age. Many students find that they like the independence to come and go as they desire.

Residential accommodations are another popular option for many students attending schools in the centre of London. These are similar to college dorms in many countries with students living in a room by themselves or with one roommate. The accommodation usually has common areas where students can visit with other people and where they can prepare meals.

Hostels and hotels are an option for some students. The centre of London has a variety of hotels for all budgets, so do not think you cannot afford this option. Many students enjoy living in the hostels, because of the low cost of living, along with the chance to meet other people from around the world.


Before making a final decision on which school is right for a student, it is vital to consider the school’s accreditations. Considering these accreditations ensures the student enrols in a professional programme and will not waste money. One of these accreditations is the British Council for the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language. Looking for this accreditation assures the student that he or she will be attending a school that has a strong history of helping students succeed in learning English as a second language. This is accomplished through the use of quality staff members who are trained in the latest teaching techniques, including a well-educated administration versed in the latest methods of dealing with students, have well cared for premises that are equipped to help students learn, and have a variety of resources.

Moving to London, England, can be a worthwhile adventure for students whether they intend to stay there the rest of their lives or are looking for a short-term learning experience before returning home. Schools in the centre of London are usually an outstanding choice due to a variety of learning opportunities located there.