Increase in Global warmth has escalated temperature making summers unbearable. To combat with huge utility bills of traditional central system home owners are opting for ductless technology, which doesn’t waste energy.

Working of ductless mini-splits

Just like regular AC, heat from within the house is absorbed and transferred outside. The evaporator unit is within the house and condenser component is situated outside. Both work in synch to transfer and disperse heat through refrigerant pumped between these two units. For using heat mode the process is just reversed to pump heat from outside to inside. It is a matter of trapping and moving heat.

Changes in ductless technology

Ductless mini-splits have been around from 1960s. They have evolved and become less intrusive, quieter, extremely efficient, and less costly. Digital controls, fans and variable speed compressors have introduced HVAC to computer age. In addition, has contributed a lot to its overall operating efficiency.

Reasons why ductless mini-splits are extremely energy efficient

  • No ductworks, so less energy is lost
  • Flexibility of zoning allows to heat or cool individual rooms with a separate thermostat, thus the space that is occupied can be cooled, which saves energy
  • Automatic sensor scans and measures the space size and people. It delivers exact quantity of cool or hot air necessary for that specific space.

Other benefits of ductless mini-splits

  • Mini-splits are small in size and flexible
  • Easy to install because connecting conduits are provided by the manufacturer and only a hole of 3” is to be made through the wall for connecting the indoor and outdoor components.
  • Indoor air quality is enhanced because different kinds of filters that traps and kills several airborne allergens, virus, and bacteria circulating in the air.
  • Ductworks need a lot of maintenance and cleaning, which is avoided because there are no ducts included.
  • Temperature of each zone can be controlled.
  • System operates quietly in the indoor and outdoor environment. The switching on and off sounds are not an issue anymore.

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Ductless mini-split system needs to be used along with good insulation and sealing. These are perfect for small apartments and homes or in homes where certain rooms need to be conditioned. Savings will differ and will depend on the usage of system and the original HVAC source. In general, 50% saving is experienced in comparison to traditional system.

Basic steps for mini-split maintenance

  • Before cleaning, turn the unit off as well as disconnect the power
  • Clean the filters every month or replace them
  • Clean evaporator coils and apply specific solution that keeps the dangerous growth of bacteria and fungi, at bay
  • Clean the external condenser unit
  • Check the refrigerant lines, insulation wraps, blower assembly and fan wheel

Mini-splits provide a liable solution to consumers increase in demand for AC. SEER ratings are as high as 26. High upfront cost can be recovered through energy savings.

In addition, users get attractive features like programmable on-off cycle, nearly silent performance, auto-restart after power failures and advanced air filtering. Mini-splits are here to stay with loyal followers.