In this day and age the job market is quite precarious by increasing his or her skills an individual can increase their earning potential and employability. The completion of a CPD training course is one way to demonstrate to potential employers that you have the skills they are looking for. To assist your learning experience a CPD accredited training centre will use best practice techniques, employers and professional bodies value CPD accreditation because of the techniques and teaching methods accredited training centres use.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited courses can help professionals to develop their abilities, enhance their earning potential and improve career prospects. One of the aims of a CPD accredited course is to ensure that the learning experience becomes a conscious and proactive one.

Benefits To The Individual

If you are an individual considering CPD training you may find that it increases your confidence and your capabilities, increased confidence and capabilities can often lead to improved career prospects. An accredited provider will provide you with a Certificate of Attendance, you can attach this certificate to your CPD log or list it on your C.V.

CPD & Professional Bodies

In the UK there are over 1000 different institutions & professional bodies that offer CPD accredited training and the number of institutions that can offer CPD accredited training is forecasted to rise further. CPD courses may incorporate training workshops and e-learning programs.

If you are a member of a professional body you will know doubt know of the need to track your CPD training, some bodies may even require this in order to maintain your license to practice or keep your professional qualifications.

CPD Accredited Microsoft Excel Training

What ever your industry or profession you will probably be using Microsoft Excel in some way, Excel is the industry standard when it comes to compiling data, modifying and managing spreadsheets. The program is widely used in administration, sales and accounting departments, once correctly trained in the use of this software an individual will be able to complete a wide range of tasks.

Many who apply for administration or accounting roles may find that their Excel skills are tested at the interview stage, a failure to show competence in the use of this popular program may mean their application is not pursued further. Excel can be used to create databases, it has word processing capabilities, graphical tools, formulas and more.

Microsoft Excel can be used to develop tables, create charts, multiply and subtract, create calendars and schedules, invoices, accounting or sales reports, prepare budgets or forecasts, create graphs and more.

CPD Accredited Training For Employers

Accreditation is available to employers who regularly invest in CPD training for their staff, CPD accreditation may help to attract talented staff. Investment in staff training can help to promote a healthy learning culture within your organisation, research suggests that it leads to a happier, more fulfilled workforce. Employers that invest in staff training often find that they have a lower staff turnover and that their workforce is more productive.

This post written and supplied on behalf of Souters supplier of CPD Accredited Microsoft Excel Courses in London.