Remote DBA ( Database administrator) is a service provider for database administration. They maintain and manage the complete records of the esteemed company. It is very difficult to manage the database of the company .So the company needs the help of the remote DBA to maintain their database. Remote DBA have many experienced employees to manage the database with high perfection and security. Let’s see the various functions of remote DBA in detail.

Functions Of Remote DBA

  • Analyzing data
  • Database monitoring
  • Database security
  • Disaster management
  • Provides remote assistance
  • Database tuning
  • Database health checkup
  • Upgrading database
  • Data modeling
  • Data verification

Analyzing Data

The main function of remote DBA is to analyze the data. Analyzing the data includes various steps. They are

  • Data collection
  • Information accountability
  • Data isolation
  • Data organization
  • Data comparison
  • Data sorting
  • Pattern synthesis

Database Monitoring

Remote DBA provides both agent based monitoring and network activity monitoring. They connect to the remote network for monitoring database. They monitor periodically to improve the performance of the database administration to a higher level. They also rectify the issues in the database.

Database Security

Remote DBA maintains the data securely and confidentially. They take more attention in mainly four things. They are

  • Data availability
  • Data integrity
  • Data authenticity
  • Data confidentiality

They also provide privacy for the users to access their data.

Disaster Management

Remote DBA provides data backup for data recovery during any disaster. They implement disaster management through online and offline. They prevent the loss of data. Disaster management service saves the company from a big issue.

Provides Remote Assistance

For some critical environment remote DBA provides assistance . Remote assistance troubleshoot the problem and issues in the database and they rectify it immediately. They also provide

  • Space management
  • Security management
  • New application deployment
  • Data migration
  • Network troubleshooting

Database Tuning

Remote DBA also offers tuning to run applications quickly. . Tuning the data is very difficult for some critical database . They have experienced employee specially for tuning to get quick process. It also includes

  • Open system tuning
  • Operating system tuning
  • Query processing
  • System calls

Database Health Checkup

Remote DBA provide periodical health checkup for data to maintain and improve the database health. They offer daily health checkup for the database . It helps to optimize the performance of the database.

Upgrading Database

Remote DBA move database from one version to another .And it involves various steps. They are

  • Preparation
  • Upgrade testing
  • Data testing
  • Prepare production database
  • Upgrade production database
  • Tuning the production database

Data Modeling

Remote DBA first provides a logical design for implementation. There are two types of data modeling which are

  • Conceptual model
  • Logical model
  • Physical model

Then it is further classified into

  • Entity relationship model
  • UML

Entity Relationship Model

The entity relationship model has mainly three steps which are

  • Entity identification
  • Primary keys
  • Data relationship


UML is a unified modeling language. It has two functions which are

  • Class model
  • Behavior model

Data Verification

Remote DBA offers both data verification and validation to get an error free data