Medical field has improved so much from past few decades. With the improvement in the technology, there are many procedures that have helped people in many ways. One of such procedures in the field of cosmetic surgery is liposuction. Here is a detailed article about everything regarding the procedure.

Before and after a diet


  • A complete physical examination is needed to find out, if you are eligible for liposuction surgery
  • Medical conditions have to be discussed with the cosmetic surgeon, because it can possibly interfere healing, after surgery.
  • Even tell the doctor about any herbal or supplements you take, because it can increase the risk of complications
  • Have a clear discussion with the doctor regarding the procedure, possible risks and probable complications, before taking a decision
  • Just because the doctor says you are eligible for liposuction surgery, does not indicate that you should have it. Think well and understand during and after procedure.
  • Select an experienced doctor, who capably answers all the questions related to liposuction surgery
  • You will have to arrange for someone in advance to drive you to the facility for treatment and home after surgery
  • You will need to plan few days off from work to recover
  • Pain and discomfort must be expected


  • The doctor may prescribe antibiotics to be taken prior and post surgery to prevent infections
  • On the day, the area to be treated will be marked
  • Local (you are awake) or general (you fall asleep) anesthesia is given
  • In local anesthesia, lot of anesthetic solution is injected with pump or syringe within the specific area that needs to be treated
  • A cut is made in the particular area, where liposuction surgery will be conducted
  • A hollow tube called cannula (skinny pen shaped) is inserted inside the incision
  • The other end of cannula is linked with a suction pump
  • The cannula is moved backward and forward to suction the fat out
  • Fat along with injected liquid is gathered in a flask, so that the doctor can keep track of the amount of fat and fluid suctioned
  • To replace the loss of fluid from the body IV (intravenous) line is used


  • After surgery you may be allowed to leave the clinic on the same day or in case of multiple areas you may need to stay for some days
  • The incisions may display leaks for some days. Doctors insert tube in some cases to drain the fluid away
  • Expect swelling post operation for weeks or months
  • Special tight garments have to be worn to allow the treated skin to stay compressed, post-surgery
  • Doctor will also inform you about safe activity level to be followed at home
  • Learn the signs of different complications post operation like infections, to seek help
  • You will usually have permanent tiny scars, where the skin was cut to insert the cannula

Realistic expectation is vital

People prefer liposuction for cosmetic reasons. Some patients can be dissatisfied with the cosmetic effects. In other words, their appearance, post liposuction was not what they expected. Obviously, having reasonable expectations after viewing images on cool body sculpting Scottsdale website can be difficult, but candidates have to remember that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure.