The Superhit Jodi of Ramleela, our very own hot and sizzling Deepika Padukone and Bollywood heartthrob Ranveer Singh seem to be all set for exchanging garlands this year!!

We have all heard about their relationship in the past few months but now they are going to give a happy ending to this  love story where the couple plans to live happily ever after. The buzz is……they will first exchange rings in February, which is next month.

Deepika and Ranveer Singh All Set For Exchanging Garlands In 2016

Also, as per reports, both the families have agreed to accept each other as “Samdhees”.  Sooo….the wait is finally over. Though the love birds have never really admitted about their relationship officially, but they have time and again proved that the rumors are not ‘just rumors’, rather there is a real side of the coin too!

The actor whom we all know for his eccentric ways of surprising his fans through his tweets and also his unique hosting style at award functions really seems to be madly in love with one of the sexiest and multi talented contemporary actresses of Bollywood. Not everyone loves to flaunt about their relationship and may be this Jodi is one of them. As per reports, both of them have learnt to keep some privacy when it comes to relationships. And they seem to have learnt this from the unsuccessful experiences of past. They are often seen together on movie dates or dinner but they do not believe in gaining media mileage out of their personal lives. They make sure they are available for each other during all those crucial moments of life. The best part is that they both know how to maintain balance between their personal and professional life.

Deepika and Ranveer Singh All Set For Exchanging Garlands In 2016

They never let work take a backseat due to their relationship and vice-versa. Any couple can really take inspiration from them when it comes to trusting each other blindly. They do give the desired space to each other and still keep the spark intact.

In one of his interviews, Ranveer expressed his desire to settle down and become a family man. So this is a clear indication that marriage is on the cards. The couple has been dating each other for quite sometime and it’s time now to exchange garlands. The chemistry that both of them share and the willingness to go an extra mile for spending quality time with each other speaks a lot about their desire to spend life together.

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Deepika and Ranveer Singh All Set For Exchanging Garlands In 2016

How can we not acknowledge Ranveer’s flying to Bangalore for celebrating Deepika’s daddy’s birthday before he left for Malaysia to host IIFA awards. He also played a perfect host during his lady love’s birthday party. Not only this, even Deepika made sure she was available for her beau when he suffered injuries during the shooting of Bajirao Mastani and had to undergo surgery.

Oohh… it just seems so difficult to wait for the big fat wedding  of one of our favorites jodi to take place soon this year. We wish this wonderful couple a great life ahead! J