If you’re a parent of a toddler or a pre-teen, you’re probably in the dilemma of picking a birthday gift every other weekend– that the invitations you’re getting keep on piling up. Eventually, you reach the point of running out of gift ideas.

If you have been spending a considerable amount of time scouring through the shelves just to find the perfect gift for the next birthday girl or boy, then you’ll definitely find these shopping lessons quite useful.

Tips For Buying Birthday Gifts For Kids

For starters, no need to purchase one gift at a time. Considering that there are plenty of kids in a class, try to purchase 2-3 gifts all together. This will allow you to save some time, gas, and most importantly, money!

– As much as possible, try to avoid purchasing a gift the day you receive the invitation. Instead, wait for a big sale and just do a multiple-gift-shopping on that day.
– Utilize the Internet and search for online coupons.
– Always opt for unisex gifts, and stay away from gifts that are strictly for a boy or a girl. For toddlers, those giant puzzles are as lovely as books! Buy plenty of these and you’ll have them ready for the next birthday party.
– For kids who are turning 7 or 8, science kits, cooking sets, and other educational toys are ideal.
– Talk to a local toy store and ask if you can buy some gift certificates or avail great discounts if you’re going to purchase in bulk.
– Stay away from no-name toys. Toys that don’t have a manufacturer name or a model number can be difficult to check once it gets recalled.

Most importantly, try to remember these tips when making a purchase:

– Make it a habit to check the age recommendation on the toy’s packaging. This will define the safety as well the play value of the toy. If the toy is labeled for a child above 3 years old, then it may contain small parts and pieces that are dangerous for children.
– When buying electric toys, make sure that it’s age appropriate. Always check the package to determine the minimum age, and only buy electric toys for kids who are mature enough.
– Check if the toy is detachable. Does it have small buttons that can easily be removed? If it’s a toy for a 2-3 year old, make sure that it’s well-made, and no parts will be falling apart.
– Be weary of no-name products. In case that a product doesn’t have a manufacturer name as well as the model number, it might be difficult to find the product again once it gets recalled.
– Toy tools should be of the right size. For instance, the shovels and rakes should be light-weight and can easily fit the child’s hands.
– Craft materials should be kept away from children. For kids under 3 years of age, buy age-appropriate toys that can’t be swallowed. The paints should be washable and water-based. Likewise, it should also be non-toxic.
– Be cautious with play clothes. Check the beads, buttons, pom-poms, tassels, and other small pieces that could possibly contain choking hazards.