Large trucks, which are used for many purposes, can cause major road accidents anywhere in the world. Mistakes can result in serious injuries and even death of the people who are involved in the accident. To avoid this, trucking companies hire drivers on the basis of their skills, qualification and experience.

However, accidents are not always caused by careless mistakes on the part of the truck drivers, sometimes they happen because of poor maintenance of these large trucks. To avoid any accidents, it is very important that the trucking company employers and drivers maintain their trucks regularly and thoroughly.

How Maintenance Of Trucks Plays An Important Part Of Their Working Condition

Regular Maintenance and Inspection are Very Important

According to the statistics, it has been proved that most of the road accidents caused by large trucks are because of poor maintenance of the trucks. If these trucks are poorly maintained, the engine and other major parts lose their performance level and are more likely to cause major accidents.

To take care of this problem and to ensure this does not happen in the future, some regulations were set by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These regulations involve inspection, maintenance and repair of these commercial trucks.

Most commercial trucks are used to carry heavy load for a long distance. When these trucks have been in use for a long time, major wear and tear shows on the vehicle, its engine, wheels brakes etc. Regular maintenance and inspection of the vehicle is very important to avoid any major accidents caused by poor repairs or major wear and tear from previous trips.

Time and Profit Margins

Profit and time margins are two factors that can lead to a major tragedy. Because of these two margins, many trucking companies and truck drivers ignore the rules and regulations specified by the FMCSA, which strictly advises proper maintenance of these trucks. Skipping this important step of maintenance can result in major accidents. Some truck parts that should be maintained regularly are tires, air brakes, mirrors, cab, trailer etc.

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Hiring an Accident Lawyer

If an accident does happen, it’s important to know what should be done and who you should turn to for help.

Accident lawyers have full knowledge and qualifications to investigate a truck accident. In case of a major accident caused by large trucks, many people involved suffer serious injuries and a number of people dies. It is very important to find out the reason of the accident so that the damages incurred to everyone can be taken care of.

Accident lawyers carefully investigate the accident and find out who was responsible for the tragedy. It is not always the driver who is responsible for the accident. Trucking company employers, manufacturing companies of the truck or a repair shop that did a poor job can all be found guilty for an accident.

Once the lawyer finds out who was responsible for the accident, it becomes easier for the trucking company to place blame and also for the injured people to file a claim for compensation. This investigation is important, because if this investigation does not happen, then the incident will be entirely blamed on the trucking company and mainly on the driver, which is not always the actual case.