Turnstiles are a way to provide additional security for a variety of locations, such as courthouses and schools. The devices are installed to help monitor the number of people who enter the facility and to try to deter those who are trying to sneak items into the facility that are illegal or that could cause harm. Turnstiles are also a way to help with crowd control as those who sit at the device would allow only one person at a time to enter. There are arms on the device as well that will turn for one person to enter, which makes it easy to see when there is a certain number in the venue. A security turnstile is ideal for a low-cost option so that guards working at the venue can focus more on the safety of the people inside the building.

Added Security

There are various types of turnstiles that are available. Some are of a full length where the person would have to go through an entire door before getting to the property. Other devices have an arm on them that looks like a triangle. Once the person goes through the arm, it will trigger a lock that is released for the door or gate. Another option is to have the arm set to be released when a ticket is scanned or entered.

Most companies can provide detailed drawings and plans for the turnstiles that are available to be installed. This will allow you to better find the device that is best for the business or venue to offer the most protection. Installation information is also available before you complete an order for the turnstile.

There usually isn’t a base needed for the device. It will generally sit on the ground, secured by screws or other tools so that it won’t move. However, concrete or steel can be used to provide security if you don’t plan on moving the turnstile in the future. Turnstiles can be used indoors or outside. Remote switches often operate the devices as well as manual switches that a guard or an employee will operate.