As technology continues to grow and expand, security threats also continue to grow and expand. The main security risks 50 years ago were simply related to someone breaking into an office and stealing important files. Today, actual physical data-stealing is hardly a problem. However, security risks from online and network sources grow bigger and bigger each year. 2014 is no different. If you run a business, it is helpful to pay attention to security threats and trends for the upcoming business year so you can discover the best tools to counteract the modern security threats of the age.

Personal Cloud Attacks

Cloud servers seem great, and they are, but they also bring their own security risks. Cloud data is simply out there for anyone to access- if the security isn’t tight enough. Some security attacks might remove data from a cloud server, copy it, or even lock legitimate users out of the system. Some security breaks could even take the old-school path and demand a ransom with your confidential data as bait.

Phone-Based Attacks

With more business done on phones like Androids and even Apple systems, it makes sense that cyber attacks will also target these operating systems. Companies that use a lot of phone-based work and apps should work to strengthen the securities of their phone programs and operating systems. Preventing employees from downloading unknown apps is one simple security feature that employers can implement.

Targeted Malware

Just like ads are becoming more personalized, so are malware attacks. Malware will probably focus more on specific demographics in 2014, targeting companies with specific intent and different ways that fit in with the behavior of the employees or company as a whole. This form of malware will combine with targeted APT threats to create some of the most dangerous malware seen yet.

Cyber Business Security Tips For 2014

Targeted APT Threats

Advanced persistent threats (APTs) are simply attacks that continue with a purpose (usually to make money or steal data in some way). Since more people have bigger security systems, malware companies have to target a smaller audience for bigger gains. Each security invasion could be built specifically for each individual target. This means that customized security measures are more important than ever before.

Social Threats

Apps for personal and business use are only one area that hackers will attack in 2014. Another large area of attack is social media and other communication devices, like your address book and other social connections. Placing tight restrain on how personal data is offered online and through the business network can help control some of the social threats that will likely target businesses in 2014.

Network Security

Although not a new threat, malware will continue to attack networks as in the past. The network offers a wealth of information about your business, which is easy to intercept. An effective network security system is an essential piece of equipment for any business. You can also look to other, cheaper, methods, like used equipments to keep your network protected. Used Brocade equipment and other devices offer you the ability to tighten security without hurting your pocketbook.

Although security risks grow every day, you can protect your business by identifying the possible avanues of attack and preparing for every form of attack ahead of time. In most cases, hackers will go for the easiest companies to attack. If your company is not easy to hack into, you will have less likelihood of coming under attack and losing business and customer confidence with a security breach.