VOIP is the abbreviation of Voice Over Internet Protocol, and it is a latest technology to communicate swiftly and expediently. The conversation is done with the help of broadband connections on VOIP Phones available in different types. You can take different types of phones, including softphone or hardphone to deliver your voice to another person. Broadband internet connection has an important role in this technology to complete phone calls. This system requires a combination of computers and specially designed phones to make a call. Following are different types of phone systems for VOIP connections:

Let's Talk About VoIPSoftphones

Softphone connection requires no telephone, and to get the access of VOIP, it is important to have a microphone, headset and computer speakers. Just install software on your computer, and you are ready to use VOIP service. Different IM programs are available specifically on SKYPE, where you can talk to another user on the network phone without paying any charges. You can even call on the conventional phones with the help of Skype.

Adapting a Landline

You will be amazed to know that you can convert your analog phone into VOIP Phones with the help of a special analog phone adaptor. This adaptor enables you to plug the customary  phone into the device and plug Ethernet cord into your router to get proper connection. Lingo and Vonage are some examples of this type of VOIP services.

IP phones can also be used to get VOIP services, but an Ethernet adapter is required instead of a customary jack. If you want to get this service for free, get Skype account and enjoy these services.

VOIP on Mobile Phones

VOIP services can also be accessed on your mobile phones, and this type of VOIP phones are also in use. Data plans are available to install on softphones programs to use them instead of cell phone talk time. There is a problem, that some mobile carriers take it as competition for their business, so they have blocked this function on their phones.

Criticism on VOIP Phones

There is a criticism on VOIP phones, that you cannot get emergency services on them, and there is no guarantee that you can easily or efficiently get connected to the local emergency services. Some carriers have made some alterations to remove these difficulties, but the problem still exists with some carriers.

Choose Right Setup for You

There are different types of VOIP Phones and setups available, you can use anyone, but it is important to consider your convenience before selecting any setup for you. It does not matter, either you use hardphone or softphone, but the good point is that the technology will stay for longer times with some improvements in future also. It will be really beneficial to use VOIP phones, because these can reduce the cost of traditional phone line services. You can get different service plans available in the market to get maximum advantages of these great services. These services are best for official use to successfully organize an online conference.