Since the marketplace is a jungle and your company has a lot of competitors, one best way to stand out, generate profit and be competitive, is to brand your business. Branding is the use of distinctive design or mark, advertising, and other means to make consumers easily identify your business upon seeing your mark or design. It also involves promotion to make clienteles associate your services or products with your business.

Le-Vel is a direct selling company that provides wellness and health products and was founded by Jason Camper and Paul Gravette in 2012, who are also co-CEOs and co-owners, in addition to being co-founders of this flourishing company. Le-Vel was precisely formed to establish a respected global brand as well as to offer both a premium product line that gives consumers the opportunity to seek out and experience healthier, happier and more rewarding lifestyles.

Today, many thriving companies are those who have learned how to master the art and science of branding, they gain immediate endorsement and recognition by placing their logos on effectively any and every promising product and can then enjoy acceptance by reliable consumers around the world. The moderately new yet enormously popular Le-Vel Thrive brand has allowed this direct sales company to rapidly climb to the top and to become a leader in the industry of nutritional products. The superior quality product line manufactured and designed by Le-Vel is the result of years of development and research, and includes its proprietary and unique (DFT) Derma Fusion Technology, Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules, and the Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix, as well as a premium suite of exceptional supplementary Thrive Plus products such as Balance, Activate, Black Label, DFT Ultra, Boost, Move and Rest.

In order to thrive, a company needs an empowering and clear vision. Anything less can spell disaster for a new business undertaking. Nevertheless, to succeed in this competitive and modern business environment, a vision alone is not enough for a company, the resources must also be there in order to drive and support the goals and vision of the firm. After initiating in 2012, Le-Vel co-owners and co-CEOs Paul Gravette and Jason Camper (who are also co-founders of Le-Vel), knew that they had to construct a vision that was much larger than simply building and designing value-added and attractive product. Their vision was to enter the wellness and health scene as a distinguishable global giant while providing a product that had never before been experienced or seen.

By now, in order to market with success, we all should recognize our business needs, its own unique personality and image. People are drawn to inventiveness and will remember a company’s mission phrase, logo, or design theme (if it is a good one). Modern marketing has enfolded this process up into a word called branding. Branding your business should include everything from your promise to your customer, your logo, the image of who you are your website, what your business is about, your voice, etc.