Lost an iPhone? Do not worry here are some ways in which you can find it easily. You can track you’re iPhone in following ways:

  1. mSpy

mSpy is one of the Ultimate monitoring tool which is available for all the devices and it has many features and comes with 24/7 multi language support. You can easily download this app from their official website https://www.mspy.com/iphone-spy.html and easily track you’re iPhone.

  1. Device Locator

The second app on our list is Device Locator and the best thing about this app is that it doesn’t requires any monthly subscription. This app will surely help in many ways and you’ll also get to know how to track iPhone. One should always lock their phone to prevent access by a theif.

  1. iHound

This app has many excellent features it will not only help you in understanding how to track iPhone but will also track locations of you’re kids, spouse, girlfriend or anyone. But this app requires subscription service. Though while you purchase this app you already pay the subscription for first three months.

  1. FoneHome

FoneHome app is an iphone tracking app and it uses GPS as a means to find lost or stolen iPhone. The biggest advantage with this app is that you can remotely take photos of theif or you can also play a sound if you’re iPhone is lost under a couch. All this information can be tracked online.

  1. GadgetTrak

How to track iPhone without them knowing? If you want to know how to then all you need is GadgetTrak as it is a web-based service which can help you in easily tracking by tricking them to send location data about you’re cell phone to its servers. By using this information you can easily log into you’re web console which will help you in locating you’re iPhone by making use of GPS, map, etc. This service is free on iPhone.

  1. Please find my iPhone

This application checks you’re phone’s location on a regular basis and provides all this information to you’re web based account. You don’t have to pay a monthly subscription. Just make a one time payment and its done.

  1. Make Wallpaper with Contact Info

This app is an unique app, though it offers similar things but the unique thing with this app is that it helps you in creating an app with you’re contact information for free. You can make use of you’re favourite graphic program which will create the best wallpaper which will contain all the information about you’re e-mail, alternate phone number, name, etc. Then you can set this image as the wallpaper for both home screen as well as lock screen. Though this app won’t help you in tracking iPhone but you can surely get it back if lost.

  1. TrackMe FindMe

TrackMe FindMe is a free app but it still requires you to pay subscription and it costs hardly $24.99 a year. This app can surely help you in tracking the location of you’re phone. And even track belongings of you’re family and friends by using a web based console.

  1. Phone Trace

Phone Trace is a paid app and it is a GPS centric app. It let’s you pinpoint a phone or the location of anyone that may be you’re spouse, friend, kid or anyone. This app does not provide you with any security features and you also dont have to pay any subscription.

  1. Find my iPhone

This app is an official app by Apple which makes use of iCloud services to track or locate you’re lost iPhone. This app also helps you to lock the phone and even set up a password. This app is free but this app requires an access to another web connected computer or any other iOS device.