This 8GB Portable Fashionable Despicable Me Cartoon Character Minions Tom Style U Disk is an innovative and fun way to carry your data. The Minions are already popular, but this portable Minions USB Drive takes things to the next level.

Main Features

  • The USB stick transfers data at high speed
  • It is a plug & play USB stick and requires no installation
  • It is easy to use and portable
  • Offers stable data storage
  • It is appealing to look at – ideal for decorating your bags or keys
  • Available in yellow color
  • Weighs just 15g and measures 5cm x 2cm x 2cm
  • Supports USB 2.0

Review: Cartoon Character Minions Tom Style USB Disk

Portable Minions USB Drive

The Minions USB Drive is compact and can be easily carried in your pocket of attached to your keychain. It allows you to carry up to 8GB of data. It is a step ahead from other USB sticks in terms of looks and stability.

It has a fun design that caters to almost all kinds of users. The USB stick is designed using the latest technology that offers high level of reliability.

Highly Durable Minions USB Drive

The Minions USB Drive is made from high quality and durable materials. The colorful Minion retains its colors even when used as a key ring. It is designed for longevity and protects the USB stick fixed inside. You don’t have to worry about your data even when dropped or due to shocks. You can carry your data without having to worry about the drive’s stability.

Low Power Consumption

These are some of the Best USB Flash Drives you can find. These Minions USB Drives consume minimal amount of power. The U stick can be used with any computer and doesn’t consume any power.

This is a fun way to carry your valuable data. Whether you are a professional or a student or anyone else who needs to carry some form of data, this Minions USB Drive is the perfect choice.

It supports USB 2.0 speed and allows you to transfer data instantly. Choose these Best USB Flash Drives on to create a fun impression wherever you use them. Your peers would be surprised every time you use this US stick in front of them. The next time you want to carry your data along, you should be carrying it in style.