Cloud Based Terminology You Should KnowThere is no question that cloud computing is definitely a go-to method for storage and sharing of data. However, if you are unsure of the terminology related to the application you may find yourself lost in the cloud. The following information will provide you with basic cloud terminology that will help you use this technology to its full potential.

 Term: Advertising-based Pricing Model

 Definition: This is online computer services, which are provided to customers for a very low cost or free due to advertising which is delivered with the services.

 Term: Content Delivery Network or CDN

 Definition: This is a system of a number of computer servers that have their storage capacity in a number of different physical locations. This enables customers to access the data that is located closest to them.

 Term: Cloud

Definition: This is a metaphorical term that is being use to represent the actual Internet.

 Term: Cloud Broker

 Definition: This is an entity, which has developed relationships with a number of cloud service providers and then sells the services between the customers and the service providers. They also help to match customers with the best possible cloud service provider.

 Term: Cloud Operating System

 Definition: This is an operating system that is cloud based and that works on your local computer. The term also refers to the computer operating system that has been designed to actually run the providers service centre and then deliver them over the Internet.

 Term: Mashup

Cloud Based Terminology You Should KnowDefinition: This is a multiple source application, based on the web that combines functionality and data.

 Term: Cloud Storage

 Definition: This is the ability for a computer to actually store various data in a location that is off-site and connected through the Internet.

Term: Hosted Application

Definition: This is a web-based application that runs on a server in a remote location.

The fact is that the cloud is a smart and much more affordable way for businesses to operate. There is no need to purchase expensive equipment, as quality services are offered by third-party providers such as Integrating cloud storage and usage in your business can offer solutions that are necessary to stay abreast of the latest technology and remain accessible by your customers.

 Essentially, the cloud is used each and every time that you use the Internet to store information or data. This includes photos, emails and files. These types of programs that allow you to store data on the web are perfect for a fast-paced world that demands the access of information when it is needed.

 While the term “cloud” is not new, it is quickly advancing. Additionally, as the internet begins to grow the term is being used more and more to emphasize the actual movement of programs and data storage from the presence of local computers, as well as hard drives, to operating systems that are contained on the Internet itself.

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