Your laptop is your gateway to the internet world and you should back just as much as it gives you. Here are a few tips to keep your laptop in fighting shape for much longer.


  • Do some general cleaning because this is vital for extending its life. Back up your files you have stored in it and organize your desktop icons. Make sure to empty out the trash on a regular basis and keep an eye out for programs that don’t really use. This will ensure that you have adequate space and keep your laptop running smoothly.
  • Don’t substitute household products for cleaning your laptop. The device is rather delicate and may react badly to ammonia or alcohol which will strip your LCD’s protective coating away. If your screen has too many smudges, fight the urge to get an industrial strength cleaner and use a soft cloth to wipe it down instead. Paper towels and bath towels will just get the screen scratched. If the smudges are stubborn, you may want to try distilled water on its own or mixed with white vinegar. Don’t be too hard when wiping to avoid the screen from streaking.
  • If you are in the market for a new laptop, don’t be careless with your old device. Look for recycling centers near your area, donate it, resell, or just take it to stores that offer laptop recycling services. Make sure to wipe your hard drive clean of any personal information and do a factory reset to make sure everything’s really gone.
  • If you frequently use your laptop at a desk, create an environment conducive for working. A decent space will allow you to concentrate and not have to use your laptop for much longer than you have to. If your desk doesn’t have the implements for papers and cables, make your own so you stay organized.
  • If you’re the type to bring your laptop with you wherever you go, remember that it is an expensive and sensitive piece of equipment that needs to be handled with care. Don’t forget to keep in protected and put it in a padded case to avoid it from getting bumped around.
  • No matter what climate you’re in, make sure to keep it in sight and not tucked away somewhere. Elements such as humidity, cold and hear will not contribute to making your laptop better since they wreak havoc on your device’s battery and may cause your laptop’s internal organs to incur some serious damage. Even hard drives have the possibility of expanding and crashing when exposed to extreme heat or extreme cold. If you are in a country where the temperature has dipped below zero, warm it up the same way you would your body. Wrap it up in layers to keep it at a regulated temperature.
  • Shut it down properly. Close all your programs, like instant messenger or VoIP service and put it to sleep instead of just flipping the lid down. It will help keep your laptop stay safe when you take it places. If your laptop has been placed in a cold environment, allow it to gradually warm up before powering it on to keep condensation at a minimum.
  • Your laptop may get wet on one occasion or another and you must react quickly when it does. Water does laptops no favors and will be the easiest way to render it useless. Try the rice method to dry your computer out when it gets wet. Remove the battery, dry it off as best you can, and let the uncooked rice do its job.