Being a wedding planner in Miami, I have noticed that weddings have a rather strange effect on everyone involved, especially the bride. It is probably the only time when she is confused regarding her favorite everything! Wedding planning is an exhaustive process, and being a wedding planner in Miami can sometimes become sheer madness! Never fail to expect heated arguments and emotional breakdowns between yourself and your fiance when discussing the wedding plans.

To be quite fair, the men are yet to receive their share of appreciation when it comes to wedding plans. Everyone talks about how the bride did a great job. But rarely does one compliment the better half for all the troubles he took, to share the responsibilities of creating a memorable first step to a beautiful future together.

7 Great Tips Every Groom Must Apply In Their Wedding Planning

I completely understand that not all men share the same interest and creativity when it comes to deciding between red roses and white roses, yet they try to give their best. If you happen to be the fortunate man who is soon going to enter into a sacred wedlock with your beloved, here are some tips that could make the planning phase easier:

Stick to the Plan!

Absolutely! You need to combine your creativity along with those of your fiance and wedding planners to create a spectacularly flawless plan. And once it has been made, no matter what, stick to it!

You Need to Put Yourself Out There

You have to get out there and make it felt that you were contributing to the process. There are three crucial things to every wedding plan-  the date, the guest list and the venue. You could begin with sitting down with your fiance and discuss who all should be invited, when and where the wedding should take place. Always remember, it is a discussion, not an argument. It is essential to include each other’s sentiments when making the guest list.

The Ring and the Music

The wedding ring is the next biggest attraction after the wedding couple; you cannot afford to go wrong with that. Take your time, weigh your options, and select only the finest. The music at your party has to be captivating. If you’ve special preferences or have a ‘never play’ list, share it with your DJ right away!

Groom, Groom and Groom Some More!

Well, I can’t stress on this enough! You have got to look your best on the big day! You could start hitting the gym, engage in some rejuvenating spa time and maybe put yourself on a new diet. Trust me, this can do wonders for your wedding photographs! Also, never forget to invest in a stunning Tux.

The Good ol’ Dilemma of Choosing your Groomsmen

This is the tricky part! You want your best bud to be your best man, but your fiance was expecting you’d choose her brother! Well, a successful marriage is all about adjusting to each others expectations, why not start from here itself!

Besides the best man, you should try to include close friends or brothers (even if you guys aren’t that close!) in your groomsmen. There is no fun without everyone!

Charm Your Audience; Write Your Vows

A groom reading out his vows is probably the cutest thing after babies, puppies and kittens! It has an instant ‘aww’ effect! All you need to do is be genuine and honest.

Up the Romance Ante; Plan the Honeymoon

This is where you can prove your romantic creativity to your ‘now wife!’ Tell her you love her by planning your entire honeymoon, just the way she had dreamt it would be! Let her know that it is only the first step of making her dreams come true.

Take it from a busy wedding planner from beautiful Miami,  these tips will help you turn your wedding dream into a successful reality. It doesn’t matter if your efforts are not as successful you would like them to be. It is the feeling that counts, and, in this case, it is a very genuine one.