Managers decide if they have to make their office blissful or an abyss of hell. And more importantly, it doesn’t take much of effort and money to make workplaces a better place. So why not take some of our time out and learn those tiny things that are highly effective for better management.

So the first thing that managers can do is the take care of employees’ office activities that involves keeping a close watch on how employees spend their time while at work. If the employees are not motivated to work and produce the desired output, they will just pretend to work. Though businesses do make use of surveillance tools and cameras but these hefty gadgets still can’t tell managers if the employee was sending business emails from their smartphone or was playing Candy Crush Saga.

This requires another layer of monitoring which can be ensured using a cell phone spy; an app that can be installed into the smartphone of the employees so that it can share information to managers about what employees have been doing on their smartphones. Apps like XNSPY are affordable and powerful enough to take on a large number of smartphones simultaneously from a single Control Panel. Managers don’t need separate accounts for every new device that they wish to monitor. Any new device can be added to the existing account.

Cell Phone Spy: How Small Changes At Workplace Can Make A Big Difference

Uses of Cell Phone Monitoring At Workplace

There are number of uses of cell phone monitoring. Managers can read texts or view call logs of the employees to make sure that they are using the company phones only for work. XNSPY can also access internet browsing history and emails of the employees.

The best thing about monitoring employees is that you get to know if your employees are committed to their work or not, making it easy to sift out bad employees.

Cell Phone Spy: How Small Changes At Workplace Can Make A Big Difference

How does the App Work?

To monitor an employee, you will be required to manually install the app onto their smartphone. It only requires a few minutes to do that. Once done with the installation, the app sends data from the target device to the online control panel from where it can be accessed anytime.

What’s The Efficacy of Smartphone Monitoring Apps?

Apps like XNSPY are highly effective and reliable. It’s also safe and legal to use these applications on the company-provided phones of employees after taking their consent. XNSPY is available on all iOS and Android devices. There is a jailbreak and No-Jailbreak edition. Some businesses don’t allow jailbreak devices at work as they are prone to external risks, so they can go for the No-jailbreak counterpart.

Cell Phone Spy: How Small Changes At Workplace Can Make A Big Difference

Cell phone spy apps can be a game changer for the entrepreneurs of startups and other small scale businesses that can’t afford to invest heavily on monitoring employees.

How Much Does It Cost To Monitor Smartphones?

Smartphone monitoring doesn’t require a new cost analysis plan before making a purchase decision. It can be implemented right away in any office due to its affordable prices. The basic edition starts from $7.49/month, which goes up to $10.82/month (on annual billing). The NoJailbreak edition is also available for $7.49/month.