As the first responders are called in, the gear is needed to carry the finer items needed to carry out intricate rescue jobs. Often, the intricacies waiting at the endgame are not fully known and responders need to be prepared with quality 511 Tactical gear with full pockets and durable straps complete with optimal accessibility. Reliability is vital. There are plenty of the proper designs available from a single source.

The 5.11 Rush24 MultiCam Backpack

This is a water resistant backpack with compression straps for a streamlined fit to cover any body size. The internal dividers for primary storage are fully flexible nylon 1050-denier. The featured webbing at the front of the pack is Molle-compatible and you have the advantage of the same at the sides of the pack, allowing for various sized equipment storage flexibility. Strap ends are a given, name tags will hold and flags stay on. Three colors are available to keep marking steady so teams and names can be tracked easily in dust and smoke conditions.

5.11 Responder 84 ALS Backpack

Again, first responders have to be fully prepared and here is another fine piece of backpack gear loaded with medical pockets and hatches to keep medical supplies at the ready to run lines for serious situations. Whether it by hypoxic issues, air or fluid on the lungs, or shock situations; responders will be at the ready with this 5.11 Tactical gear at 13” x 18.25” x 24.25 compartment hold pack complete with eyewear pocket. There are four compression straps at the ready to secure other safety gear. An Airway bag and IV bag, both removable are at the ready. Included are visible zipper pockets and the pack is fully nylon and water resistant. It is an Emergency Medical Technical tool realized.

5.11 Responder ALS 2900 Bag

As we look at responder gear and the 5.11 line comes into stronger light as being at the top of the line for providing real preparedness, it becomes clear how being medically at the ready is so critical. It is practical to take a good look at another bag offered in the line. The ALS 2900 Bag offers some strong features.

A strong feature is the 3K cubic inch main compartment with exterior dimensions at 5,512 cubic inches with expansive exterior pockets numbering at three. The Airway bag is removable and included as usual and the IV bag is removable as well, as is a typical feature with this sophisticated and practical line of first responder gear. These features are indispensable in the field. Most importantly on this model, is the advanced drug casing with an essential drug case with basic features for less critical but still essential drug therapy on call. There is space for a bottom and front panel with a garage door for an oxygen tank. It is an easily carried temporary life support unit which is comfortable to carry and no worry of dropping.  Included is full prime nylon water resistance. Plenty of room is available for all sizes of gloves and needles and lines and even saline packs. Adjustable shoulder and fully capable backpack straps allow you to mobilize for patient transport with ease while maintaining critical support.