Summary– Recently, Atlanta Event was organized to help Small Business to train employees about QuickBooks features and advantages for the several business across the globe. You can go through the below mentioned article to know much more about the Atlanta event.

We are dwelling in the era of the 21st century where all the businesses need expert help and support to the greatest extent. In today’s scenario, we can’t assume a business without a computer and the internet. Moreover, there are numerous kinds of softwares are available to run distinct businesses successfully. QuickBooks is the most desired and highly reliable software that allows small business owners to run their business easily and efficiently.

QuickBooks has recently connected Atlanta event to assist small business. Atlanta ranks fifth on the U.S. Enterprising Cities list. Atlanta has offered 60,000 jobs in 2013 and almost 100,000 jobs in 2014 through November which is considered to be the best ratio in comparison to previous years. As per Intuit data report 70 percent of small business owners say networking with other business owners are significant and it plays a magnificent role in today’s scenario.

Intuit QuickBooks came to Atlanta to assist small businesses, including self-employed, entrepreneurs, workers, accountants and developers with the resources and tools they need to succeed. As part of Intuit’s commitment to small business success, QuickBooks Connect Atlanta held at 200 Peachtree on Thursday, June 25, 2015, and is intended to encourage, educate and connect the Atlanta business society. This one-day seminar or conference allowed business owners to understand QuickBooks, consisting of two half-day sessions for self-employed workers, is bringing together all kinds of small businesses under one roof, assisting to drive their businesses forward.

QuickBook Connected Atlanta Event To Help Small Business

The significance of QuickBooks Tech Support won’t be diminished with time and today the company is coming to The Big Peach with shopping platform, mobile payment and partners Square and Big Commerce, joining on the city’s assorted small business hub to convey great value to attendees. Small and medium businesses got hands-on advice from senior Intuit executives, as well as trainee winner Bill Rancic, USA Today and technology entrepreneur Jason Nazar.

As part of the event, QuickBooks hosted an evening session targeted at self-employed workers, with tips and tricks for success in the on-demand service marketplace and networking opportunities with fellow self-employed professionals.

Attendees at QuickBooks Connect had access to breakout sessions focused on:

Financial Fitness – financial fitness is one of the most significant aspect of any of the organization across the globe. Using the fundamental tools allows business owners to grow their business to the next level. So, QuickBooks is the best way to reduce the workforce and make financial loss and gains in order.

Finding Customers Online – Finding customers online is the key and proven methods in today’s competitive world. Finding prospects and customers has never been easy, but using online tools and methods, it has become literally easy and efficient.

5 Key Lessons for Every Small Business – prior to starting a business needs to develop a proper planning which is essentials for start up business, no matter what kind of business you are planning to start, running and growing your business needs to brainstorm your mind and find the new way to get your business running smoothly.