The deep web is hidden for a reason, and visiting could put your security at risk. Most people do not even know that there is a hidden web, a deep dark web where criminals can peddle illegal goods to people who venture there. Most people do not care to know, or visit it either. However there are some things that everyone should know about the deep web, in order to increase IT security and protect themselves from cyber criminals.

5 Things To Know About The Hidden Deep Web

5 Things You Should Know About the Deep Web

  1. Nearly anything is available through the deep web. This ranges from drugs, to fake papers, to things that most humans cringe at even hearing about. Many people use it for less nefarious but illegal purposes such as buying pot in areas where it is still criminalized. No matter your reason for being there, you are putting your computer at risk for a cyber criminal take advantage.
  1. It is too vast to see all of it. Many people do not realize the size of this hidden web. It is changing daily to keep certain sites from being found by law enforcement. It is growing daily as well. The very nature of the deep web makes it difficult for anyone to view it all.
  1. It can be used for a good purpose. Although it is used for the worst of the worst, it can be also used for good. People who need to get a dangerous message out can use the deep web to protect their own identity. This offers a way for journalists, whistleblowers and residents of certain countries to get important news out without risking their lives. They can feel safe when they put their site on the deep web, and in some cases it has helped LEO agencies, and the government help others who would have been unheard otherwise.
  1. It is easier to get Malware due to nature of Tor and other deep web search services. Restricting viewers that actually visit the pages is the easiest way to reduce these viruses from the deep web, at this point. If no one goes to these sites, their computer will not be at risk.
  1. Stopping the criminal activity is difficult. There are agencies that are dedicated to stopping the criminal activity found on the deep web, however the infrastructure is hard to pin and when one closes another opens. Law enforcement is not ignoring the issue, not in the least, but it is very difficult.

Just Because You Can, Does not Mean You Should

While visiting the deep web is not technically illegal, and there are some people who use it for good, it is not a good idea to visit because of the danger. It is like the untamed wild-west in terms of regulations, yet visitors will find no stunning mountain views or gold mines. They will also not likely find much help from law enforcement for most claims because of the fact that the cyber criminal on the deep web is so hard to trace. Visiting the deep web is taking serious risks with little back up.

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