Of all of the different types of bug detectors available, and for the many different types of bugs that you may need to detect, there are bug detectors for your telephones that can do more than just tell you whether or not someone is listening into your conversations. You may also need to have bug detectors that can tell you just what your telephone is being used for and who is being called. This is great for small businesses operating on a budget, as well as for use in a private home. By using one of these tone decoder bug detectors, you can tell immediately when someone is calling long distance and put a stop to the call before the phone bill gets run up. The great part is that these tone decoders don’t even have to plug directly into the device that’s being used. When you play the pre-recorded tape recording or whatever audio source you’re using, the dialed phone numbers appear instantaneously on your sixteen-digit LCD display. Of course, if you prefer to connect your bug detector directly into the source, a direct telephone line connector cable is also supplied.

And did you know that your telephone can be tapped not only for the purpose of listening in on your private conversations, but that it can also be converted into one of the most efficient room monitors available? And the telephone doesn’t have to be off the hook for this to work. By installing a hook switch bypass into the telephone, the transmitter or even the earpiece or receiver becomes a microphone so that anyone manning a listening station, can hear not only everything that is said, but everything that is going on in the room as well. Fortunately, there are bug detectors that can stop that from happening.