It’s easy to be skeptical when we first hear about water-less car washing products. If we choose the right product, it is easy for us to get favorably impressed. It should be easy to use and we will be able to remove grime immediately. In fact, the amount of time needed can be cut in half if we use water-less car washing products. What’s really great about water-less car washing product is the amount of shine that we can get. Although we shouldn’t give up the usual hose-and-bucket method yet, we should give this method a try. In some areas, water usage can be quite expensive or difficult to get at large quantity.

In this case, we may choose to go water-less. In general, these products should work really well. It is important that we choose a product that is safe for the nature. Basically, we only need to spray the surface of the car with the water-less product. The solution will remove the dirt and grime from the surface. They will be trapped in the foamy liquid, which can be removed using microfiber cloth. To bring out the shine, we may use a second clean cloth. Compared to normal method, water-less product can be more affordable. For a normal-sized car, we may use up to 100 gallons of water.

For a big truck, we could use more than 200 gallons of water. If we do this twice a week, the cost will be immediately reflected on our water bills. By using water-less products, we could see significant dent in our water bill. Other than water and standard car washing product, we may also need to use tar and bug removed, as well as chamois, mitts and wheel cleaner. Standard washing method isn’t as affordable as many of assume.  Water-less washing product is obviously much faster to use and after spraying it on the car surface, it is easy to wipe it off.

For a small car, we will need less than 20 minutes to clean the surface. When using the normal washing method, we also need to deal with the hardwater spots on the surface of our car. So, it is clear that water-less products can really be convenient for us. Other than a bottle of water-less car washing product, we need a couple of microfiber cloths. It’s so easy that we can clean our car during a trip, because everything we need can be placed in the trunk. So, during a lunch break in a diner, it may take 10 minutes of quick cleaning session to remove dirt and grime from the hood and top of the car.

If we choose water-less washing product that doesn’t contain harmless chemicals, it is clear that the washing procedure is greener. The product is useful for people who are genuinely interested in safeguarding the environment. By going waterless, we could potentially saving 800 gallons of water per month. It’s a complete waste to let so much water flow down our driveway and eventually into the drain. So much energy and effort are spent to clean up water from lake and river, so it’s important for us to choose more efficient methods.