Modern times provide reasons for people to stay up late. Many won’t go to sleep early because there are activities that are so tempting to do, making sleeping the least priority. This includes catching T.V. shows texting with friends and scrolling aimlessly through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media sites.

Millions of Americans fall short on getting the suggested eight (8) hours of sleep a night. It is obvious that not all of them suffer from sleeping or disorders like insomnia. They decide to be wide awake or putting off bedtime to get up-to-date news and trends and favour other activities.

But, in the long run, staying up into the wee hours may come with a hefty cost. There are many benefits a person can get from ditching or at least decreasing the night owl habit.

You will have lesser worries if you sleep early. Doing this can make everything seems better in the morning. Getting to bed late is more likely to make you feel overwhelmed with recurring negative thoughts.

A study proved that there is a significant relationship between sleep disruption and the development of pessimistic thoughts. In the brighter side, you can focus on having good sleeping habits because it can help. Although it’s true that going to bed won’t solve all your problems, but it is a big help to put you in the right perspective and give you a well-rested mind to better deal with emotions and resolving issues.

But some issues are not too easy to resolve like the pain from arthritis, muscle pain and injury. Although sleep cannot eliminate it, there are so many natural ways you can do. You can take natural pain killers like turmeric or fish oil supplements. There are research papers that prove the turmeric supplement benefits are true.

Sleeping early is essential to make an individual more productive at work. It is normal after sleeping late the last night; you will be sitting at your desk, staring blankly at the documents that are supposed to be due before lunch and nothing’s good happening. This occurs because you lack enough sleep and these messes with your cognition. It is now more difficult for the brain to function efficiently.

If you lack REM sleep, the kind of sleep that happens when you dream – can spoil creative-thinking skills. In a recent study, it was discovered that people waking up from REM sleep are 30% better at puzzle compared to those who have non-REM sleep. A great sleep is important to help a person solve complex problems.

Many researches suggest that the lesser sleep you get, the more food you will be eating. There is a huge possibility that if you lack sleep, you will be prone to overweight or obesity. Regular sleep deprivation will lead to lesser energy to make healthy food options and exercise.

Another research shows that the later you stay awake, the more you want to eat. Unfortunately, the human body’s internal clock seems to be hard-wired to choose fatty, sugary or salty foods after 8:00pm. This simply explains why night owls who like to stay awake up 4:00am eat almost 550 calories that those of early birds who are asleep by 10:00pm.

Are you scared of developing chronic conditions such as kidney disease, stroke and heart disease and you want to get rid of them? Then always eat right, have regular exercise and get enough of sleep. When an individual snoozes, his body is hard at work doing some repairs on the blood vessels, heart, brain and other tissues that keep chronic disease away.

If you withhold on having a good sleep, your nightly maintenance schedule will begin to suffer. Sooner or later, your parts will begin to wear out, setting the stage for major health issues.