All hail the abounding glory of the Body con dress! Be it an electrifying night out in da club, a casual summertime party or the much awaited prom night, Bodycon dresses are certain to seal the deal!

Be The Ultimate Style Goddess : Don A BodyCon Dress Now!

Kim Kardashian – The Ultimate Bodycon Dress trendsetter

Introduced in the mid to late ’90s, the style was best popularized by Hérve Peugnet of the popular french fashion label, Hervé Léger. Even after more than a decade later, the Body con is still looking good. The ‘Body con’ is an acronym for ‘Body Conscious’ , and true to its name, it works.

L.A based fashionista and designer, Cher Park (the brain-child behind the coveted Poprageous fashion label ), clearly understands the power of this attire. Cher Park is of Korean American descent, who also holds a Bachelors degree from Cornell University. She started out with designing spectacularly artistic leggings, that took the L.A fashion police by storm. After much research and thought, she has ventured into the fashion brigade with another dazzling line of Body con dresses.

Bodycon dresses come in a variety of styles, just ask Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. Poprageous’s Cher Park believes in the idea behind these styles being a representation of a woman’s self-confidence and appreciation for her body. Bodycon dresses , by definition, are designed to be figure-hugging and mould onto your body shape. Take a look at the horde of celebrities flaunting this style, and you will understand what I want to say. The new line of design by Poprageous comes more as a piece of artistic rendition than merely a fashion attire. Cher Park defines herself as an artiste, driven by a relentless desire to create the exotic. Her line of Bodycon dresses will leave you feeling nothing short of a celebrity.

Despite its immense popularity, Bodycon dresses are a tricky business. Not every woman has the confidence to drape herself in a tight dress that kisses all her curves and exposes her angles for all to see. It is always beneficial to understand and compare your requirements with the available options to choose from. These tips will help you get started on your quest for the perfect Bodycon dress :

The Eternal Saga of the Boundless Fabric…

Be The Ultimate Style Goddess : Don A BodyCon Dress Now!

Bodycon dresses come in an array of fabrics of both thick and thin constitution. They are available in different textures, right from luxe leather to the soft silk and satin. You should select an option that best suits your style and body requirements, if you wish to make a statement.

If you have it, flaunt it!

Bodycon dresses dare you to bare your best features. Select the style of dress that best suits your most celebrated features. If you want to look classy and vintage, choose a body-hugging dress with a high-neckline and full sleeves.

The Distinct Shades of Allure…

Be The Ultimate Style Goddess : Don A BodyCon Dress Now!

Bodycon dresses come in a plethora of colors, ranging from darker charismatic tones of black and purple to the more subtle nude tones of beige and off white. If you are a Bodycon dress novice, you could begin by going for a black dress. Black dresses are the most common choice as it is both easy to find and equally flattering for all body shapes. Also, black can never go out of fashion.

To Tone it Down or Raise it Up?

Be The Ultimate Style Goddess : Don A BodyCon Dress Now!

If you are one of the conscious sorts, opt for a knee-length dress with black or navy panel sides. Such vertical styles create the illusion of a more slimmer look. Similarly, you can ascertain the best options available based on your needs.

Become the Ultimate Style Diva!

Be The Ultimate Style Goddess : Don A BodyCon Dress Now!

Don’t like your Bodycon dress on its own? No worries! You could team it up with a jacket or a loose half-shrug to create a new look. Bodycon dresses are all about your comfort zone. You can go for the any look that satisfies you the best, ensuring its suitability to your personality and physical attributes.


Your bodycon dress is incomplete without the bling! As a rule, minimal accessorizing is the key to create glamorous looks of fashion. You could go for accessories including sexy stilettos, classy handbags and chic jewellery that do not downplay the effect of your dress.

Stay Neutral!

A dress in a neutral style and color ensures its utility for any change of occasions. This way, you won’t have to retire your dress after an encore performance.

Be The Ultimate Style Goddess : Don A BodyCon Dress Now!

The ultimate trick to rock your Body con dress is through a bold display of confidence

on your looks. You could take your time, weigh your options, be the best judge of yourself and make the final decision for the trendiest purchase of your life.

Author Biography:

Cher Park is Founder & CEO at POPRAGEOUS , arranged in Los Angeles, California. She got her education from Cornell university and takes an enthusiastic eagerness for craftsmanship and famous society, which is clear in her work. Cher Park can be followed on social networking sites at Twitter , Pinterest and Instagram.