Diseases are common in all humans but if it weakens our body we should start taking special care for it and try to reduce the effects of disease using simple modern medicines. Muscles are most important part in our body but if start remaining stiff then all our work will get stopped this type of condition is seen in ALS disease. People who are affected by this disease cannot able to come out of their home they feel difficulty in breathing, swallowing food and even to rest their body. By knowing the difficulty in people Dr. Vincent had introduced special type of dietary supplement called Deanna protocol. It is a thirty day package which contains multiple medicines in it each medicine is in the form of powder, capsule and liquid. The powder should be consumed three times daily as per the doctor’s advice the medicine contains three milligram of arginine four hundred milligrams of ubiquinol, hundred sixty seven milligrams of GABA and traces of niacin. For flavouring the powder stevia and natural flavours are added to it this flavours will enhance the taste of the medicine and provide good health and nutrition. It is a recommend protocol for all ALS patients who are present worldwide.

A Simple Cure For ALS Disease - Deanna Protocol

Some of the Ingredients Avoided in AAKG Core Powder

The powder is safe for the ALS patients who are also affected by diabetics because it does not contain sugar or salt in it. The yeast, milk and preservatives are completely avoided in the powder so weight gain is not possible in consuming the medicine. People who are allergic towards shellfish can consume the powder because it does not contain even the traces of shellfish or artificial colours and flavours. Thus it is a safest medicine for the consumption of all age groups who are affected by ALS disease.

 What is AKG Liquid?

The AKG liquid is a main supplement Deanna protocol which contains three hundred milligrams of alpha ketagulterate acid this acid is a main ingredient of the medicine. People should have .25 ml of the liquid every day the bottle contains about hundred milligrams in it. The liquid should be mixed with water or other beverages before consumption the dosage should be based on the doctor’s prescription and advice. The other ingredients included in the medicine are water, natural fruit flavour, citric acid and sodium benzoate. The medicine is completely safe and pure people can have it with confidence.