The society today is car driven. Most people commute to jobs on four wheels. Others pile in for road trips or even run errands using cars. In most activities today, SUVs and sedans are the ideal choice of transport. This is why most car owners tend to place so much significance on finding the right mechanic. From simple routine tasks such as swapping out the air filter or changing the car oil, to complex tasks like testing systems and parts, there is no doubt that auto industry professionals play a huge role in making sure drivers always remain smoothly on the road.

5 Reasons You Should Consider A Career In The Automotive Industry

The auto industry is constantly growing and always hiring. The recovery of the auto industry combined with a wave of numerous retirements is now creating a big demand for auto technicians as well as opportunities for job seekers who like to work and solve problems using their hands, and by utilizing the best and latest technology. So what are the top five reasons you should consider a career in the auto industry?

  1. Positions are in plenty

Positions or openings will always be available in the automotive industry. More and more demand for different car services creates a wide range of opportunities in different fields in the industry. It is common for over 96% of graduates to land jobs.

  1. Grease monkey is firmly rooted in the back view mirror

In most cases, people do not realize exactly what is out there. Most individuals view fixing of cars as a grease monkey. The truth is that you do not have to cover your arms with grease. In the auto industry, you are more like a doctor. You must diagnose the exact problems affecting the car at hand. You have to know how to change brakes, oil, and tires.

  1. Training opportunities are numerous

Many technical colleges offering an array of auto training programs for students to focus on conventional auto tech exist. A number of dealers provide apprenticeship opportunities for those students that get specialized training. In fact, they also get to put one foot in the employment jobs. A number of things happen to cars all the time. For this reason, classes are of extreme importance. In class, you get valuable knowledge that will help you effortlessly work on whatever comes your way.

  1. Artistry combines perfectly with chemistry

Automotive technicians that specialize in bodywork have been able to practice their science and art in exciting and new ways, thanks to a brand new generation of tools and materials. Today, every repair is unique. No two vehicles face the same damage at any given time. For sure, careers in the auto industry will never be outsourced. This provides an excellent family wage.

  1. Pay is tremendously improving

A combination of workers’ demand and sophisticated skill sets push for higher wages in the automotive industry. For instance, fifteen years ago, average technicians were making roughly $8-13 hourly. Today, they can make close to $25/hour. Just like the technical know-how is important, soft skills for working in a team environment are equally important. She recommends Ideal Auto USA for the best pre-owned cars.