Health and safety trainings are more than just obligatory sets of trainings that you have to completely. It is so much more than a government requirement. A good health and safety training can actually teach you – or your employees – a lot of critical skill that will help you perform better (and safer) at work. There are several more benefits of health and safety trainings for employees and employers.

Reduced Insurance Premium

Insurance companies take health and safety trainings into considerations when determining your insurance premium amount. For companies, preparing a good health and safety training could mean a substantial saving in employee insurance premiums.

From employee’s point of view, on the other hand, the reduced insurance premium means the company can provide more fringe benefits without actually spending more money. A lot of companies in Canada are also taking the savings they make on insurance and giving it back as facilities and benefits for the employees.

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Increased Productivity

Proper health and safety training can help employees perform better while staying within the boundaries of what is safe and healthy. As a result, employees can be very productive for much longer.

Health and safety trainings are providing employees with the skills needed to be as productive as they can be. The best  first aid training Fort McMurray  has to offer, for instance, prepares employee for emergencies and help them deal with situations that are unsafe or unhealthy.

Better Credibility

The main purpose of health and safety trainings is to reduce the amount of accidents and fatalities that occur because of those accidents. The trainings are designed to equip employees with the skills needed to deal with a wide range of situations. You can learn more about anything from first aid skills to how to deal with more severe situations such as rig fire.

With the employees now safer, you can expect the overall rate of accidents to drop substantially. In return, the company can increase their credibility as the safest – or one of the safest – in the industry.

Easier Health & Standard Certifications

Whether the company is applying for an ISO certification or they simply want to improve the standards and workflow around different parts of the business process, a good health and safety training can really help. In fact, certain certifications require employees to have proper health and safety trainings as standard.

Regardless of the industry, health and safety standards are relatively the same and consistent. The standards are based on government regulations. These regulations are also studied during the trainings, giving employees the ability to adapt to different situations without veering off the safety guidelines. As a result, employees can really deal with new, unknown emergency situations properly.

Legal Protection

One last benefit that employers can enjoy from health and safety training is protection against legal damages. With the safety training in place, employees have the skills needed to keep themselves away from harm. It is the employers’ duty to provide those skills to them by offering good quality health and safety training as benefits.