Computers are not things which people should dispose of after using for a few years. New technology might be intriguing, however, people can always upgrade and improve their old PC’s to save the expense of a new one. The only thing a computer would need to allow it to last long is a upgrading it. Most people are confused about updating a computer. They drop this option thinking that they would need to hire a computer technician. However, upgrading a computer can be easy if you buy a few components instead of buying a brand new PC overall.


A CPU determines how quickly data can be processed. Some programs can have a low memory requirement while still needing a lot of CPU power such as programs which deal with complex mathematical equations or calculate statistics. Upgrading a CPU can help the PC to process data faster and simultaneously the programs work quicker. Old PC’s tend to hand in between operations. Upgrading the CPU will speed up all the process being carried out maintaining a good speed of PC. We often hear that a PC is ‘Slow’, this is because the CPU is not compatible with the upgraded versions of many software. By upgrading the CPU, your PC becomes compatible with different software and games and runs smoothly as a new PC.


Upgrading a monitor mainly means installing a new screen. If you have an LCD screen, your computer might not have graphics as good as the LED PC’s that are dominant in the market these days. Instead of buying a new LED PC, you can just buy an LED screen compatible with your PC and enjoy the same experience a new LED PC would offer.


Upgrading a keyboard can mean replacing the keys with new compatible keys. Separate sets for QWERTY keys are available in the market. You can find compatible keys and install them. This can give you a more relaxing experience as an old keyboard tends to lose its touch after a while. You can buy a mechanical keyboard with softer keys to protect your fingers and increase typing speed as well.


A mouse is something which allows you to open different programs in a faster way. After a long time, the mouse ball can deteriorate. You can buy a new mouse ball for faster scrolling or you can buy a laser mouse which lasts longer and is cost-effective.


Upgrading your motherboard can solve all the problems as a whole. It will give you a faster CPU, a faster RAM and Graphic Card and it will ensure faster data transfer as well. A motherboard runs all the processes. Hence, updating a motherboard can ensure faster processing.

You can update your PC and enhance its usability with these common upgrades. You do not need a professional to tell you what you have to do. Upgrading the above mentioned computer components can help your PC give you an experience same as a new PC would.

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