Many people believe that creativity is innate or if someone is good at his work is the result of his abilities. In part this is true, however, what makes someone a genius is the combination of talent and ability and both can be improved through practice.

The first step of developing wing when creativity is presenting it as a skill. For activities that are reflected in the world like playing an instrument, people knows what needs to improve. However, when it comes to mental skills such as creativity people do not have enough information on how you can improve. Here are three ways to develop their creativity:

  1. Becoming an Explainer

The most creative people in any field are one that has tremendous knowledge. In the age of Google and new technologies has generated the idea that the information is available to everyone at any time, no need internalize.

However, to maximize the quality of their knowledge, it is important to develop the habit of explaining things himself. This way, you will know if you have understood that you have read or heard.

  1. Be Open to New Ideas

One of the 5 most important dimensions of personality is to be open to consider new ideas, concepts and experiences. In fact, the most creative people tend to be very open people. You must develop the ability to listen and be able to identify good ideas displacing the fear of rejection to the new.

If this is difficult, a good trick when you read or hear an idea that does not convince you at first is separate it away and the next day re-read about it. This will help you to reconsider it from another point of view by the fact of having already read once.

  1. Keep Asking About New Things

A third crucial point about creativity is that whenever we have an idea is something we have drawn from our memory. We question our memory and get information on that topic.

This means that every time you have to think differently about a problem or situation, his memory must ask you a different question. Creative people are seeking new solutions to problems. Much more different are the questions being asked, most creative ideas have.

An easy way to practice this is to think about a problem you have to solve now and think about how your friends would solve that problem, would they have a different perspective?