Hi diddly ho neighborino, Ned Flanders would say.

Have you a slightly bothersome neighbor who’s always glancing over the fence to see what you are up to?

In this jam-packed world, it has become extremely difficult to hide from the ever-curious eyes, as most of us live cramped in sky-high apartment buildings overlooking another one that’s just the same as yours. Still, there is a selected few which has the opportunity to decide what the sight from their window will be, and limit others so they cannot take sneak peeks into your garden whenever they feel like it. So what can you do to create a secluded garden corner that will be solely yours?

Building with a purpose in mind

What is this fairytale garden intended for? Is it going to be a silent corner for you to share your days with mystical characters from your favorite books? A romantic getaway for two with a glowing fire pit in the center, a small and safe playground for your youngest ones, or an inviting Sunday brunch/Friday night beer get-together? Once you make a final choice, consider the space you will need to satisfy your needs and plan other elements accordingly.

Growing evergreen hedges

Combining fencing and tall plantings will enable you to, first and foremost, define the garden space, and in a couple of years, when the shrubbery reaches its maximum height, you will get that much needed privacy. Note that it is highly important to select the right plants in order to have an evergreen and well-maintained garden year round. In areas where weather conditions are harsh, Arborvitae is the best choice, since it is known to withstand strong winds and cold winters. But remember that it requires regular watering, so if you there is no regular rainfall in your area, make sure you get one of those long hose reels to water it regularly.

If you are more prone to some dwarf shrubbery varieties, colorful barberry can add an interesting twist into your garden, and the shades range from ruby red to chartreuse. Finally, if you still haven’t decided on the height of the hedge, Carolina Laurelcherry is the finest alternative out there, since you can either let it grow up to 30 feet, or keep them smaller with pruning.

Keeping it naturally perfect

For more romantic soles, loose and naturalistic plantings are by far the best choice, as they require minimum maintenance, and contribute to creating that, a bit more wild look. Look for carefree perennials, billowing grasses and plants native to your area – they will grow without enslaving you and making you spend your whole days watering and trimming, as they will respond well to the climate conditions. Nevertheless, if you still find your eyes wandering around the garden, looking for some kind of order, balance the atmosphere with patches of mowed lawn or thoughtfully-placed shrubs.

Enclosing a small area

If lassoing your entire garden with massive trees makes you feel entrapped, and would rather like to have an open space, then consider adding just one small sheltered sitting area in the farthest corner. This way you get the best of both worlds: both openness and seclusion, that can be separated with a narrow willow arch, for instance.

Enlightened ending

Finally, to warm up the atmosphere, even during the long, chilly autumn nights, place subtle landscape lighting strategically to achieve the magical feel. Opt for small and subdued lights that will not only provide the right ambience, but will also prove to be quite practical, as well, since they will illuminate the pathways for your utmost safety.

Have we managed to inspire you to turn to planning your own secret garden? Feel free to share some of your own ideas in the comments section!