Our body is on continuous change and the contours and lines of our face, hands, and legs undergoes change with age. The changes are different for different individuals underlying cause been genetic factors, hereditary, age, geographical locations, weather etc. The onset is fast on some individuals after 30 to 35 years of age and for some, the process is slow and gradual.

With age, the skin starts losing its elasticity as production of collagen declines and the consequence is folds in the neck area, lines and fine wrinkles on face, hands and legs etc.

The doctors have found painless solution to this problem and the Voluma Fillers are used to define the affected areas.

People are still ignorant about the Voluma Fillers, also known as Derma Fillers. It is not a permanent solution. It adds volume to the face and the body.  Usually, it lasts from 6 months to 18 months depending upon the area defined and one has the freedom to get the fillers dissolved if they are not convinced with their enhanced or changed look.

Let’s discuss how Voluma Fillers can help you to redefine your appearance and and which part of face and body is given preference for Voluma Fillers.

5 Uses Of Voluma Filler You Didn't Know?

  • Cheeks are the areas that are mostly affected by age and people wish to go for uplift. The quantity of fillers varies from the age of the patient, the more the age, more voluma is injected. In the beginning of the treatment, the cheeks feel sore and hard but within a week’s time, it settles and leaves one comfortable, adding youthful look to the treated person. It usually lasts for a year.
  • Noses are best treated with Voluma Fillers changing the shape of a flat, asymmetrical, hump or hooked noses. The shaped nose improves the look of the face and people deadly wish to rectify their bad shaped noses. This treatment is of few minutes and the patient is free to give feedback during the process. The Voluma filler of nose lasts longer than others because of lack of dynamic muscle movement.
  • Earlobes lose collagen and it starts losing its shape and the women are the most affected because of large and heavy earrings and accessories that they use for years. The piercings gets larger and the lobes sag. The Voluma Fillers comes to the rescue and it restores the youthful appearance adding plump to the earlobes and minimizing the piercings. Like nose, treatment in earlobes lasts longer.
  • Acne Scars are best treated with Voluma Fillers. It takes time to fill up the scars but in a year’s time, it mostly erases the deep seated scars adding sheen to the face. Initially, soreness and bruises can be felt but in a week’s time or so, it heals. This treatment lasts longer than done on other areas of body and it is done in few steps and other skin treatment follows along with Voluma fillers.
  • Hands speak more of our age and the veins and tendons gets prominent with age. There are people whose hands are affected earlier than their other parts of the body. Voluma Fillers are injected just below the skin to level up with the veins and tendons making the hands supple.

Voluma Fillers are been used for different parts of the body and even the inverted nipples and butt are redefined by the process.

It is not a permanent solution and you can opt as per your conveniences. There are few shortcomings too to this procedure but the merits outweigh the demerits and you can enjoy a new look with the Voluma Fillers defying your age.