8 Absurd and Amazing Mobile Device GizmosThe popularity of the smartphone and the tablet has created a wave of related products vying for your attention. Some are fantastic, others inventive. If you need a tough iPad case or a fancy tripod for your smartphone, here is a list of eight of the greatest and strangest products that can help you accessorize your mobile devices.

1. Make It Safe

First up is the LifeProof iPhone case which will protect your phone from the hazards of life. Also available for the Samsung Galazy S3 and the iPad, LifeProof cases boast of safety from water, dirt, snow and shock. A protective case will prepare for device for the danger zones at home and outside.

2. Take Your Tablet Out for a Walk

More on the funky side is the iCat holder which effectively attaches a leash to your iPad and can hold up to 43 pounds. Unveiled at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. According to an NBC News report, the leash also comes as a retractable reel or in a belt loop clip.

3. “Quiet On Set!”

If you are serious about producing iPhone movies, try out the Mobislyder. This gadget is a sliding bar system which allows you to pan smoothly and catch fluid action. Compatible with other smartphones, the Mobislyder is the next step towards earning you a spot in a film festival.

4. Zoom Lens

Also noteworthy for the photographer or videographer is a series of detachable telephoto lenses specially created for the iPhone. In different sizes for varying budgets, these lenses can enable the average iPhone user to create professional shots.

5. Chip Clip

A number of smartphone clips are manufactured to hold your device onto your t-shirt, belt, steering wheel, bicycle or shopping cart. There are also specially gripping tripods which flexibly hold onto umbrella poles or stand straight to position your phone on a table top or other surface.

6. Pass the Popcorn

Once you have captured those images or edited that smartphone film, it is time to share with the Pocket Projector. Just one of many projecting devices compatible with tablets and phones, Brookstone’s Pocket Projector is a mini projector which displays images brightly on any blank surface.

7. Headphones

Finally, here is an accessory that comes in large and small sizes, practical and extraordinary products. Headphones are produced for in ear sound or noise-cancelling concentrated volume. Available in any color or style you may wish, headphones can help ease long flights or simply tune out the surrounding craziness as you listen to music on your phone, watch movies or send emails from your tablet. There are even headphone beanie hats for when you want to listen to a device during the winter months.

8. My Phone Is My Friend

Finally, for those of who feel that their phone is their closest companion, the sidekick who never leaves their side, there is the Anti-Loneliness Soup Bowl. While enjoying a bowl of hot soup or perhaps cold cereal, watch your iPhone sit across from you in the special holder on the other side of the plastic bowl. This classy dishware comes in white and black.

Image from www.huffingtonpost.co.uk