It is commonly believed that round trips work out to be cheaper for the travelers. Sometimes, it gets essential to book one way ticket because of various reasons. This is where travelers struggle a lot, because saving on one-way ticket can often become very difficult.


Here is the ultimate guide to book one-way flights and save on your trip.

  1. Do it Early

This applies to booking one-way tickets every time. Whenever you can, get the booking process out of the way at the earliest possible. The best deals vanish sooner than you think and it’s best to not wait for them.

If you come across something which you find attractive enough for your budget, finish with the booking process. This will be a huge peace of mind when you begin planning for the trip.

  1. Compare and Contrast

Travelers these days like to rely on self service when it comes to booking tickets. This is a great way since no middlemen are involved and you search what you desire for.

However, a lot of travelers make the mistake of only going through a single webpage they’re used to when booking tickets. If you truly wish to optimize your frugal traveling, compare and contrast a number of websites to get the best fares. Once you’ve done enough research, look out for the cheapest fares.

  1. Opt for Layovers

When booking one-way flights, this is one of the most helpful tips to save on one way flights. Direct flights tend to be expensive because of the convenience they bring.

If you book a flight with a layover, this can considerably help you to save on your booking. This is also your chance to explore a new destination that you may have otherwise missed out.

  1. Stay Flexible

One of the most essential ways to save on one-way tickets is to stay flexible. Airlines reveal their best fares every now and then, and travelers are always looking out to get hold of these the earliest possible.

If you can allow flexibility, you’re guaranteed to get ideal results. This can mean being flexible with the departure or arrival date. It also means booking tickets for the cheapest days and off-season traveling.

  1. Alternate Airports

Most of us only consider international airports when it comes to flying. We’re used to traveling through them and the conveniences are high. However, alternate airports are equally great and can help you to save huge when booking a one-way flight.

Although choosing these airports would mean you’ll have to arrange a longer drive to the airport, it will still turn out to be a great bargain!

  1. Budgeted Airlines

For budgeted one-way fares, smaller airlines do a great job. These airlines are good enough in terms of services and project great fares all year round. You’d always find something that suites your budget.

When booking with budgeted airlines, it is best to keep your expectations realistic because you wouldn’t enjoy all the amenities like the ones of the leading airlines.