Every women loves wearing nail paints. A nail paint of good quality and suitable color can add a lot of glamour and style to the current look. And this is the reason women are very particular with their nail colors.

Gel nail paints are class apart when it comes to quality. The shine and look that these nail paints give is absolutely worth the investment. The unique formula used in Gel nail paints responds to UV or LED light which “cures” the paint to give it a sparkling and pretty look.

With the amazing variety of accessories and colors present, it might be difficult for you to pick the perfect one. Here is a guide that will help you buying a gel nail art system that suits the best for you.

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1. Get the correct Curing light

Getting the perfect curing light is the most important thing when you wish to buy a nail art system for yourself. People love UV nail light as it can be used with all types of gel polishes and is cheaper than other LED lighting.  After you have made your selection for the right type of curing light, you need to select the source of power for the light. There are lights which work on batteries and those which work on electricity. Choose the one which is the most convenient and affordable for you.

2. Those cute little additions

Using gel nail paint is a real fun. It keeps you more involved as compared to other standard nail colors. Thus, when you buy a nail gel system, look for small accessories which can help you in better application of the gel paint.

You need to be sure that your nails are absolutely clean before applying a gel paint. This will give a chip less and even color on your nails. So, adding a cleanser to your kit is always advisable. You also need a gel top coat to leave your gel manicure with an amazing shine and add a protective layer on it. Applying a base coat will keep your nails stronger and the gel manicure sustained.

3. What to use: gel strips or gel polish

The next thing that you need to choose is the method of application. You may choose  a gel polish, which is similar to the ordinary nail paint that you might have used. Or you may even look for gel nail paint strips which are more innovative and requires extra efforts from your end.

While gel nail polish comes with a massive variety of old colors, gel nail strips comes for both bold colors and interesting printed designs.

4. How much time can you give?

The best thing about using a gel nail system is that you will have to devote less time on removing nail polishes and getting a new one done again. The gel stays for a longer time and requires no frequent maintenance or salon visits.

But, applying the gel paints do require a bit of your time. So if you can take some time out once in two to three weeks, then you should try gel nail paints.

5. Make sure it does not smell strong

Although, the nail paints are not generally associated with fumes or strong odour but there are times when nail paints may have a strong smell. Make sure that you do not buy such products. The odour will completely damage the personality and look that you wish to carry for your special occasion.

6. After care products

When we apply such products, it is always a good idea to use extra after care products. Although, the gel nail paints are very safe for application, but using aftercare products will help you to keep your nails stronger and will let the nail color to live long.

Thus, whenever you intent to buy a gel nail system for yourself, just keep these little things in mind and get set to a trendy, fashionable and gorgeous look.

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