Like many people, you’ve probably been toying with the idea of getting your own hot tub, however, a hot tub is a major purchase so you need to be certain that you’re doing the right thing. If you need a bit of encouragement, here are three good reasons why buying a hot tub would be a great idea, ones which we’ve put together in conjunction with Essex based Aqua Warehouse.


The number one reason just has to be the health benefits that come with a hot tub. Arthritis sufferers have been singing the praises of hot tubs for a good while now due to the difference they can make to people’s everyday lives. As everyone knows, arthritis can have a severe impact on mobility due to the pain it can cause, but use a hot tub regularly and that pain can reduce significantly by soaking in the warm water and using the gentle massage jets. Other health issues that can be improved are stress so that it’s reduced to a manageable level and high blood pressure so it’s no longer a risk of developing into more serious problems.

Another reason for owning a hot tub is to treat insomnia. Whilst not really a serious health problem, it can begin to have an impact on general wellbeing if it goes on for some time. After trying medication prescribed by a doctor, many people have found that using a hot tub shortly before going to bed has far better results and doesn’t leave them feeling hungover the next morning.

The third reason has to be the sheer enjoyment of having your own hot tub to use whenever you want to. Just imagine coming in after a hard day at work and being able to unwind and relax in the tub. They are also great places to share with your family and friends and bring such a huge amount of pleasure to everyone that uses them. What other reason do you need?