Healthy eyes are a reflection of your overall health. The eyes are quite delicate, and taking care of them should be a priority. Though they normally require little care, neglecting them can lead to serious consequences.

Several eye problems are quite subtle and come on gradually with little to no symptoms. This makes it easy to ignore them until it is too late. Others such as vision loss are exacerbated by age. It is therefore important to go for eye tests so that such problems can be identified. Many eye conditions can be treated if found early enough.

Some of the common eye diseases and conditions that you should watch out for include:

  • Cataracts. This is a condition where the natural lens of the eye becomes cloudy. Older individuals are at a higher risk of getting cataracts since the condition develops slowly over time.
  • Glaucoma. This is a disease that damages your eye’s optical nerve, diminishing your field of vision. It eventually leads to progressive and irreversible vision loss. There are many types of glaucoma, and the most common type is hereditary.
  • Conjunctivitis. Also known as pink eye, conjunctivitis simply refers to the inflammation of the eye’s conjunctiva. This is the thin, transparent film covering the eyeball. The inflammation makes the eyes swollen, red, and itchy.
  • Double or blurred vision. Sometimes, you can develop blurry or double vision. There are many reasons behind this, ranging from eyestrain and fatigue to more serious ailments such as diabetes or glaucoma.

This list is by no means exhaustive as there are numerous other conditions that can affect different parts of your eyes, including your retina, nerves, eyeballs, or eyelids.

Caring for your Eyes

One of the best ways to take care of your eyes is to go for eye checkups at least once every two years. This way, any underlying problems can be identified and dealt with early enough. Issues such as poor vision can be corrected by using prescription eyeglasses, bifocals, or contact lenses. Eye care facilities such as Denver Eye Surgeons in Colorado can also offer LASIK eye surgery to correct your vision.

Another great way to care for your eyes is by eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods are rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and C, all of which help the eyes to remain healthy and function well. Omega-3 fatty acids, derived from fish oil, also play an important role in maintaining proper eye health.

Your eyes can also benefit from a few simple exercises. Blinking, for instance, exercises them and prevents them from drying out. Other eye exercises include alternately shifting focus from objects that are near you to those farther away. This helps to stretch your eye muscles, reducing strain and fatigue. If you spend long working hours staring at a computer screen, take regular breaks to give your eyes some rest.

You cannot replace your eyes, so ensure that you take good care of them by eating healthily and giving them plenty of rest. Also, remember to seek medical attention at the first sign of any vision or eye problems.