If you are on the way to become a fitness freak, then you can add spin to your daily running or jogging routine to burn more calories and to improve your fitness levels. A spin class will help you to challenge your body more and in a different direction than what running or jogging does. It is a great way to sweat profusely and will make you feel better and healthy. Best spin bikes will provide you the option of a safe bicycle riding indoors. You can either go to the gym to attend spinning classes or buy a bike to ride it in your home. There is no doubt that spinning is great fun. If you are a beginner looking to take spinning classes, then you will have to follow these simple tips to make your initial spinning rides an easy one.

Dress to wear for spinning classes

There is no doubt that you need to wear a very good dress as you will be motivated to really do the workout. Dressing good means that you need to choose the right comfortable workout clothes and shoes. You can always go for cycling shorts and a wicking top to make your first few rides on the bike a comfortable one. Make sure you wear fitted clothes than baggy clothes as your movement must not be hindered.

Preparation before the class

Before you take up spinning, it is important for you to not feel hungry or dehydrated when you sit on the bike. Care must be taken that you do not overeat before biking. You should not eat food an hour before the spinning and also must have drunk enough water before half an hour of your spinning session. This way you will be hydrated during the spinning session.

Maintain high energy

It is vital that you stay positive and focused before you set out to explore the stationary bike for spinning. As this is a vigorous workout routine, it is important for you to have high energy to start the spin. You can visualize that you are riding the spin bikes outdoors to feel as if it is an outdoor workout. The speed and the pace can be varied during spinning to comfortable levels first. You can first start at the lowest level and gradually increase the intensity as you spin along. It is ideal for a newbie to do the spinning workout for 30 to 45 minutes.

Make use of your core

  • It is very important for you to engage your abdominals when riding the bike.
  • Your core strength will help you to stay balanced and suspended above the bike when you a riding the bike out of the saddle.
  • You should never lean on the handlebars when you rise from the saddle.

Be sure of cycling math

If you want to see results when you take on the spinning sessions, then you need to understand that tension on the bike added to tempo will deliver the best results. Some of the machines will show results like calories burned, heart rate, mph, power, etc. You can adjust the intensity of the spinning to challenge yourself to achieve even better results. You can watch TV or listen to your favorite workout music when cycling on the stationary bike, so that you do not feel bored or stressed out during the session. By doing so, your interest in the spinning will increase and you will also start to enjoy the sessions.

Listening to the instructor

If you have joined the spinning classes in your area, then you will be getting the guidance on how to ride on the spin bikes from a certified instructor. It is vital for you to respect and heed to all instructions spelt out by the instructor. The instructors will be friendly, helpful and informative and help you to set up the bike. They will teach you on the do’s and don’ts on the bike and will motivate you to reach new goals.