For those who struggle with depression and anxiety, the main culprit of their poor mental state is often consistent negativity. Exaggerating daily struggles, reiterating negative thoughts, and prohibiting the space for growth and optimism can keep one in a depressed state for a long time.

Although some people turn to exercise, social events, herbal supplements, or even self-therapy to change their life, these solutions may not always help. Cautiously approaching a declined mental state with the intent to overcome it is an essential part of relieving depression, stress, and anxiety.

Thoughts To Help Relieve Anxiety and Depression

To reintroduce happiness and positive thoughts into your life, consider any basic reasons you have to feel grateful. Try writing them down to help suppress depression and positively refocus your mind.

With Good Comes Bad

One of the biggest thoughts to consider is that there is no goodness without the bad. All of the happiest moments of your life are positively regarded because there are negative experiences to compare them to. Instead of lamenting the negative moments of your life, understand that the good times won’t be as enjoyable without them

Don’t Pursue Perfection

Nobody is perfect. Accepting this notion can be a relief for those struggling with achieving perfection. You can only do your best, and if your best isn’t enough, working harder next time is always possible.

You Can’t Control Others

There’s no reason to be upset when people don’t act the way you want them to, especially when they’re upset. When people are rude and angry, it means that they can also suffer from negativity, as well as anxiety and stress.

Since you can’t change others, alter your reaction to them. Empathize with their pain and treat them with kindness and respect.

You Can’t Know the Future

You might be concerned that you’re not moving ahead in life. Although you may feel stuck in a job or a relationship, acknowledging these feelings are can teach you life lessons and help you to cope. In hindsight, you’ll understand why some situations were necessary for your personal growth.

Let Things Go

Mistakes happen all the time, and there is no point in sanctioning personal retribution. Let it go for your own peace of mind. Next time you encounter a similar situation, you’ll know better. No one will remember your mistake, so there’s no reason to continue on punishing yourself.

Everyone makes mistakes and no one is expected to be perfect. While it can seem daunting to expose your flaws or weaknesses in front of others, give them time and their compassion will surface.

It’s Not Life

Blaming other people for your problems won’t help you solve them. While it may give you an irrational reason to point your finger at someone else, it never presents a solution. Life is not bent on making you suffer—in fact, you are in control. If you want to be better, take charge and be more positive in your day-to-day life.

Look at What You Have

You may not be rich and famous, but you have everything you need to be successful. Even considering the fact that you are alive and capable of whatever you set out to achieve is enough to keep you afloat. Put your gifts to good use and pursue what you want.

You Measure Success

There is no standard measurement for success. The only thing that matters is how you define wealth and happiness. Strive for your own happiness and you’ll be the most successful person in the world.

There is Only One Person You Need

Some people define their own happiness in comparison to others. Whether it’s a partner, relative, or a group of friends, they measure their own happiness by how happy others may seem.

The only person that you really need is yourself. Work hard and succeed on your own terms and you’ll begin to realize that there is more to being happy than comparing your joy to others.

Happiness is a Journey

For some, happiness can be fleeting, especially since life can be a constant uphill battle. Know that your path to happiness is a journey, one that is graced with joyful moments, as well as sorrow. Considering these thoughts will help you to take charge of your own mind and overcome anxiety and depression.