Scissor lifts can take on big jobs more efficiently and safely than doing them by hand. They are an important tool in many businesses for increasing productivity, ensuring worksite safety, and saving money.

10 Businesses That Would Find Scissor Lifts Helpful

Here are 10 businesses that could use a scissor lift to significantly improve work efficiency.

  • Warehouses

When it comes to warehouses, every vertical and horizontal inch of space must be stacked efficiently. Scissor lifts are popular for lifting cargo from the ground to different storage levels.

  • Construction

Injuries in construction projects are often related to two things: height and weight. Scissor lifts can prevent accidents by taking workers up to an elevated area and lifting heavy objects in an effortless manner. Applications in the field of construction include:

  • Transport of pipes, concrete blocks, cement
  • Installation
  • Painting
  • Landscape
  • Transportation

Scissor lifts are a necessity in shipping hubs, where the daily grind includes carrying heavy loads that cannot be lifted by hand. Scissor lifts are great for unloading goods from a container or truck and moving them around the dock.

  • Building maintenance

Property managers often hire people who have to work high in the air for tasks such as changing lights, hanging banners, taking down signs, accessing utilities, and many more. Scissor lifts help workers accomplish these tasks safely as they move from one area of a building to another.

  • Billboards and signs

Business establishments also change signs often, and scissor lifts can do that fast and easy.

  • Rail

Many tasks around the rail yard require the use of scissor lifts – including loading and fitting into narrow spaces to reach up high.

  • Production

A scissor lift can improve production efficiency quickly and safely transporting heavy loads to elevated heights. Aerial platforms of this type are often seen in:

  • Manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • Brick-laying
  • Chemical processing
  • Retail

Retail stores often need heavy lifting of goods, and they have very tall shelves. If the area you intend to reach is too high for a ladder, use a scissor lift instead.

  • Entertainment

Scissor lifts are vital equipment in the entertainment industry. They come in different sizes – some can lift one performer while others are designed to fit an entire dance troupe. Scissor lifts are also used to:

  • Move scenery, performers, and stage props
  • Lift stages, orchestra pits, and audience seating
  • Lift and mount slot machines for entertaining trade show attendees
  • Transport contemporary art collection to a museum
  • Transport cars into the casino floor for promotional giveaways
  • Transfer animals and medical supplies in and out of the zoo or animal hospital
  • Professional cleaners

Scissor lifts are also widely used in indoor and outdoor cleaning of office towers and shopping malls.

Whether your business needs a scissor lift permanently or temporarily, consider renting! You can find flexible rental agreements for daily, weekly, and monthly tasks from a trusted equipment rental company.

Written by Lindsey Rentals. Lindsey Rentals offers the best equipment rentals in Columbia, MO.