There are factors that can prolong the period of selling your house According to the franchise advisors these are the points you should consider:

1. Price:

The main factor that is not sold or property, therefore, to determine the market price is key to the house is sold, because if the error remove sales committed with a premium, just be wasting time, money and potential customers identify it as an expensive home compared to others with similar characteristics.

2. Lack of Time:

When selling a home owners lose many opportunities to show the property, either for work or for as long as needed to maintain the house, which makes the already decided to opt for buyers see other options and not expected for several more days, lost sales opportunities. If this is your case, consider whether to hire the services of a real estate agent is the solution.

3. Lack of Maintenance of the Property:

This is one of the most common actions that stop selling houses, as the humidity in the walls or ceilings, stained, shabby doors and broken windows, leaking keys, details that will surely give you a bad impression when showing the property.

4. Notable Problems in the Environment:

Although the house for sale is in good condition, but around the same streets are in disrepair, abandoned cars, noisy neighbors, nearby garages nearby deposits drinks, buyers lose interest to acquire the house, which is why it is very important that when you want to sell, always stress the positive aspects of the property.

5. Very Low Offerings:

If when selling a property, have just received offers below the asking price, you should not worry, it is very common, as there are people looking to buy investment opportunities, where you can negotiate the price property and conditions with a counter offer, you may be also used as parameter for the location of the house regarding its price.

6. Do not be a Mediator:

Often there are small differences between the owner and buyer during the negotiation, stalling the process. Some real estate consultants explain why it is not desirable that the owner is in negotiations, which is very valuable the support of a real estate advisor who can offer alternatives. These experts help you bring to fruition all the sales process, mediating negotiation and advising on credit and legal issues, for any questions you may have until the signing of the deeds.