Being an experienced relator would here mean that you have come across and seen and heard many things. And these are things that can never been unseen and unheard. Do not worry an experienced therapist should be able to help. But once you have a few years in the business you would then notice the home sellers would continue saying the same things they have been telling before. Given here the five important things you would need to consider as they are the ones who could ruin the chances of selling your property or home.

Excessive attachment: Yes this is the place where your kid has taken her first step, the place you carried your bride over the threshold, or may be even the place of your parents have built with their bare hands. But while making a decision of selling your property, it also becomes a property, an asset, or any other good you would be selling in course of your business. Sellers who are excessively attached to your home or business would over price it, ignore the market data like the recent sales price or comparable homes nearby, being irrational in negotiations around the price or homes. Buyers would here not know the emotional value that the house generally holds for you. Nor would they care nor would they have an intention or interest to pay for it.

Bad Text: The text that generally goes on with your listing is more important with a bit of creativity that is appropriate enough when it comes to selling your property or home. And like any type of writing try and stay away from cliché and outlandish claims. How would you know that your home is the best home in the market? Is your home really the best home for the family if you have never ever met the reader? You could confidently say that the neighbourhood is well suited for young children, you have remodelled the kitchen and bathroom, and the home having a quick access to two highways.

Not having pictures for your property: One of the best thing you could do here to improve your listing is to include pictures, and when I say pictures it means a lot many pictures. It is ok when you have too many pictures providing that they show off your home in a way that they would be the buyer’s eye. If you have a high quality home then that would work fine. And in case you don’t then do ask someone for help. Look at other people listings and see what images could be used in order to grab the attention of your marketing audience. Take a lot of pictures and place them in the beginning album on the listing site.

Price being too low: Each and everybody knows that pricing a home too high would not lead you with any offer, but what if your pricing is too low. Once you price it, it does become difficult enough to raise it back because it would help you attracting a stream of bargain hunters who are unqualified buyers. One unqualified buyer could easily take off the home from the market for weeks or longer. Unqualified buyers generally result in taking a longer period of time just to sell your home just because it is priced high in the market.

 The bottom line: You could never ever control the economy, the housing market or the quality of your neighbours, but yes there are a few parts in the listing that you can easily control. For a home to sell in a challenged housing market do make sure that your home is well polished as much as possible and you do not land up making the above mentioned mistakes.

To conclude the above mentioned aspects do fall within your control. So no matter what ever the situation is make sure you do not commit these mistakes.

Author Bio:

Jain Dias is an experienced marketing executive in real-estate industry and he mainly focused on Luxury Villas in Bangalore. He has been writing articles covering a wide range of topics in terms of mortgage and housing markets