Mysore is a historic city famous for its sandalwood, rosewood and silk sarees. This erstwhile capital of the Wodeyar rulers also happens to be the cultural capital of Karnataka. The Wodeyars had ruled over the kingdom of Mysore for more than 700 years. After Independence, the state of Mysore merged back with the Indian union and the capital was shifted to Bangalore. There are many tourist places in Karnataka but Mysore is a cut above the rest for a good many reasons.

5 Reasons You Should Visit Mysore

Five Reasons to visit Mysore

Mysore has a very moderate climate and one can visit the city at any time of the year. The Dussehra festival is celebrated with music, dance, Sports, and fairs and colours all over the city.  Bangalore is the nearest airport from where one could take a bus or a train to reach Mysore.

The city has much to offer for those planning their holiday to a south Indian city. Here are the five reasons why one must visit Mysore:

1) Shopping for products made of rosewood and sandalwood: The city of Mysore is surrounded by sandalwood and rosewood forests. Many products made of these materials are sold as decorative and gift items. The silk sarees of Mysore are famous for their quality and designs. Apart from  these sarees, one could also buy other products made from these finest silk.

2) Mysore Palace: Showcasing the grandeur of the glorious past, the Mysore Palace is a must-go place to visit in Mysore. From the elaborate rosewood doors to exquisite collection of paintings of royal family, artefacts and figurines, the royal palace takes you through the majestic ages of the Wodeyar rulers. During Sundays and national holidays, the palace is illuminated with 100,000 bulbs for 45 minutes in the evening.

3) Chamundi Hills: Those visiting Mysore may find a visit to the Chamundi temple quite mesmerising. There is a temple of Goddess Chamundi which is marvellously built along and is a brilliant example of Dravidian school of architecture. Air conditioned buses take you to these hills rising as high as 1000 metre.

4) Mysore Zoo: Established in 1892 under the royal patronage, the zoo is one of the oldest in the world and is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Mysore. The Karanji Lake inside the Mysore is a famous spot for many migratory birds like pelicans and storks. Apart from this, the zoo also houses many exotic creatures and has a botanical garden with several exotic species of plants and trees.

5) Parks and Gardens: Mysore is one of the cleanliest cities in India. One of the reasons for this marked accomplishment is the presence of various gardens and parks in the city. There are many parks and gardens inside this beautiful city which gives the visitor a chance to come close to the nature and enjoy the serene atmosphere.


Given the warm and cool climate of Mysore during summer and winter respectively, one may find it plausible to visit Mysore at any point of the year. The city famous for its royal heritage and clean surroundings is also a paradise for shopping lovers. For those looking for genuine silk and sandalwood products, Mysore has a lot to offer. Apart from these factors, there are still many reasons as to why one must visit Mysore.