Whether you need to display information for an exhibition, conference, or for an announcement in a hospital, library, museum, or school, you can do so easily when you use the right display.

A Variety Of Styles

A display board comes in a variety of styles and configurations. Therefore, you can choose from table-top models as well as free-standing displays. Display boards also come in the form of folding boards, boards that feature poles, panels, and multi screen displays. Boards that are simpler in design include cork-type message boards and notice boards. You can also use display or notice boards outside, since news can be displayed behind a locked panel of tempered glass.

A Display Board Can Be Used In One Of A Number Of Ways

Wallboards and variously coloured felt boards are used for display too. Fortunately, people can read and write today and therefore boards used for exhibitions and company announcements and news can be used for messaging. However, at one time, when people were less literate, a town crier served the notices instead.

How Message Boards And Displays Eventually Came To Be Created – The Historical Town Crier

Historically, bellmen or town criers were the original notice givers or news messengers. News has always been important, and the first messengers were the Spartan runners in ancient Greece. Town criers, later in England, served as spokesmen for the king and presented the news to the then non-reading populace.

Don’t Shoot The Messenger

The phrase or edict, “Don’t shoot the messenger,” was a serious command at the time. Anything that was done against a town crier was also considered an offence against His Majesty. Therefore, this warning was deemed to be a treasonable offence.

English town criers could read and write and enjoyed a high standing in the communities in which they resided. Often the criers were a husband and wife. The wife rang a large hand bell while her husband shouted out the official proclamation. Announcements at the time were preceded by “Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!” which means “Listen!” in French and always concluded with “God Save the Queen!”

Presenting Announcements Today

The display board used today for messages and news is not so dramatically presented. However, it is a board that will highlight school, convention, and company news in an attractive and practical way. For example, the portable display board that folds is the ideal accessory for presenting messages that need to be changed on a regular basis. This board is also helpful if you need to transport or display messages in various venues on a fairly frequent basis.

Boards Using Poles And Panels

Pole and panel boards are ideal for displaying bigger items semi-permanently. These kinds of systems can be used to show off framed artwork or be customised to exhibit posters.

The Multiscreen Display

A multiscreen board is a traditional modular type display and can be manufactured in a number of fabric colours and sizes. The board can also be employed in various configurations. Panels for the multiscreen board are linked together using basic connectors and fit into feet that can be adjusted for uneven floors.