Chopta is a small settlement and valley in the district of Rudraprayag in the state of Uttarakhand in northern India. This region is very popular among tourists because of the number of options that it provides for exploration. Here you can enjoy the natural scenic beauty without the ugly reminders of commercialization that you tend to see in other tourist spots. This region is a haven of untouched beauty and especially great if you are looking for a place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of a typical tourist destination. Here you can simply sit back and gaze at the snow clad peaks located a short distance away from the valley. Chopta is also the commencement point of several treks including the Tungnath trek, Chandershila trek, Deoriyatal trek etc. This is the reason that Chopta is very popular among campers and trekkers in the region. Let us look at 5 reasons why you will never forget the experience of a Chopta trek.

5 Reasons Chopta Trekking Will Be A Memorable Experience For You

1. Most Picturesque Trekking Trails

The treks starting from Chopta are some of the most picturesque and allow you to enjoy the natural beauty to the fullest. The expert trekking guides will take you through the enjoyable walks in the wilderness where you will be able to witness the colorful flora and fauna of the area. Apart from this you can enjoy photographing the natural beauty in this area while on the treks. This is the reason that you will never forget the sights you see during treks starting from Chopta

2. Treks for Everyone

Among the trekkers and campers there are mainly two types of people. The first category is that of the avid and seasoned trekkers. For these there are the tougher Tungnath treks and Chandershila treks among others. They can take the maximum enjoyment of traversing difficult trails while they challenge their physical capacity to the maximum. Chopta itself is above 2000 meters in altitude and from here you can only go higher. Such altitudes can be quite challenging and enjoyable for seasoned trekkers. Then there are the amateur trekkers who cannot take too many physical hardships and for them there are the easier treks like the 4 km trek which allows them to enjoy the majestic view of the Himalayan Mountains.

3. Expert Tourist Guides Available

Although Chopta is not really a popular tourist spot there are many tourist agencies organizing trekking trips to this area. The tourist and Chopta trekking guides provided by these agencies are quite experienced and expert in guiding you through difficult trails. They will continue to explain the importance and peculiarity of every area that you visit during your trek due to which the experience becomes all the more enjoyable.

4. Especially Great for Religious People

Apart from the people who are merely interested in trekking and the natural beauty, Chopta is also a great place for the religious minded people. With the sacred Tungnath temple a short distance away, there is a trek to this very place which is much favored by the religious travelers. Then again Chandershila is said to be the place where Lord Rama meditated. There are other places of worship close by like yamunotri. Hence the religious minded people will never forget their experience of a Chopta trek

5. No Commercialization

Unfortunately most of our tourist destinations are heavily commercialized which mars their beauty to a great extent. However, this is not a problem with Chopta which is comparatively untouched and unspoiled even now. The serene and peaceful atmosphere of this place is quite unmatched by any other place in the country.

All these reasons will ensure that you will never forget a trek from Chopta.