Ever wondered how is it possible to look wonderful without spending even a single penny? Because it is out of question to spend big bucks in the salon every time you want to hit the bar or a party. One needs to be aware of some hacks that are being used by our favourites actresses while walking down the Red carpet. We might have found the solution to how a 60 year old lady manages to look beautiful and her skin radiates as a 40 year old.

We might not be able to buy to buy the gowns that they wear to red carpets or even hire their makeup artist but we can always learn a few tactics. Below are listed some amazing makeup tips that the professionals are using.

5 Hacks Used By Celebrity Makeup Artist You Must Know
1.Eye Makeup

Dark circles appear under our eyes due to reasons like lack of sleep or less nutrition diet. To hide these dark circles you can apply concealer with a new trick. Do not apply concealer just exactly below your eyes, leave some space and then apply it. Don’t try to cover the dark circles, but apply them on the top of the cheeks. When the light reflects upwards the dark circles automatically hide.

2. Use Primer

In a day, we spend most of our time working and sitting glued to the tv. If you want your foundation and eyeshadow to stay, you will need to use primer. Foundations work best when accompanied with primer. The primer lets the foundation in place for a long time. It preserves the smokey in a correct way. If you are low on time you can use tinted primers rather than cream foundations.

3. Highlight

Celebrities have to attend film screenings and walk the red carpet. We do not do anything that is such a bigger intensity but we do attend parties. That have significant people whom we want to impress. To shine like them all the time, one should use highlighting as a technique. Use an illuminating pen that on the top of the cheek or the edge of the eye. It will last longer and add sheen to your face. You can also apply it above your lips to make them look plump.

4. Contouring

To get the perfect click, it is necessary to have a glow. If you are young then the glow comes automatically because of your inner happiness. Young youth are happy and vibrant and carefree and therefore they need not use anything to glow. But for older generation contouring works best. Applying a cream rather than blush will bring better glow. Also add a bronzer to the overall look to be more natural.

5. Eyes

They say eyes are the window to one’s soul. They communicate our feelings and unsaid things about a person. Beautifying them is a technique and every girl must be a master in this technique. If you are old, you can use a thick mascara and stay away from curling the lashes. Also increase the glam level by using glitter eye pencils.

As I also agree nothing is set in stone. One can always try and experiment new stuff. If you look in the mirror and find yourself beautiful then no power can deny that. You must always feel confident about your looks.