Oxandrolone was pioneered by Raphael Pappo and trademarked by Anavar in 1964. It was commercially available first in the US market and became quite popular within a short span of time. Oxandrolone develops the power and energy of the body by instigating phosphocreatine synthesis within the muscle tissues and nerves.

Oxandrolone is used for weight gain purpose or in order to control severe weight loss due to internal injuries, infections, major surgical procedure and internal damages. Oxandrolone is also helpful in curbing side effects of prolonged usage of steroid medicines like protein catabolism or osteoarthritis.

Oxandrolone has some common lateral impacts including headaches, nausea, vomiting & hair loss and skin colour change.Other significant side effects of regular consumption of Oxandrolone are many and quite elaborate.

Prolonged and high dose of Oxandrolone

Prolonged and high dose of Oxandrolone may lead to edema including congestive heart issues. Many people suffer from prostate pain and development, blockage in urinary tract and bladder and priapism or long lasting painful erection of the male private organ. Women consuming this steroid may develop acne, voice crack, clitomegaly and hirsutism. However menstrual disorders are also quite common.Hair fall is also seen in both men and women as a consequence of regular consumption of Oxandrolone. Men may develop baldness and itchy scalp at times. However excessive and unwanted growth of body hair is also commonly seen.

Some very critical side effects include;

  • Cholesteric hepatitis, jaundice, and liver function disorders
  • Tumours and cysts with blood in it are also formed
  • Linear bone development and abnormalities in bone and muscle functions
  • Unusual concentration of nitrogen, sodium, potassium, chloride, water and phosphorus in urine is noticed
  • Hypercalcemia

In case of male users there are certain distinct issues like pain during urination, swelling of breasts and development of man boobs and frequent and painful erections. The erections can lead to bleeding and last for hours. In such critical cases, one must immediately stop the medicine and seek medical consultation from doctors.

Anabolic doses impact and disturb electrolyte stability of the body, nitrogen withholding capacity and calcium emission through urine. Drop in glucose levels and disorders in hyperglycemic control is common and quite prevalent in diabetic patients. There are certain mental side effects related to mental state and psychological disorders like habituation, excitation, sleeplessness, and mood swing and libido alterations.

Mild steroid

Oxandrolone is a mild steroid and with very little lateral impacts. Though it is not so harmful, but there are many instances where one should not consume Oxandrolone. Avoid the steroid in case someone is:

  • hypersensitive to any constituents in Oxandrolone
  • suffering from breast or prostate cancer
  • endowed with high calcium levels
  • on the family way or nursing
  • suffering from kidney ailments or nephrosis