In the latest APS (Australian Psychological Society) survey stress rates among Australians were the highest they’ve been since the APS began the annual surveys.

Address Family Issues

Australians’ worries about money have not abated. Financial issues are rated as the top cause of stress over the five years, while also of concern is the increase in the number of people turning to gambling to manage stress (now one in five) growing from 13 per cent in 2011 to 19 per cent in 2015.

The top five causes of stress in Australia over the five years are:

  • personal finances – 49 per cent;
  • amily issues – 45 per cent;
  • personal health – 44 per cent;
  • issues with the health of others close to us – 38 per cent.

Get Regular Shiatsu Massages

The APS survey we’ve been quoting indicates that 40 per cent of us are concerned with our physical health and 38 per cent are concerned about the health of a family member. Shiatsu massage prevents health problems, helps regulate effective sleep patterns and promotes healing from illness and injury. It is based on the ancient concept of Ki (Qi or Chi too) as the body’s vital energy. When Ki is not balanced or when its flow is restricted at any of the body’s 12 meridians, both physical and emotional issues can develop. Shiatsu (trans. “finger pressure) massage focuses on the free flow of Ki that promotes the circulation of blood and lymph, easing of nerves, flushing of metabolic waste and deep-tissue relaxation. Harmonizing Ki in this way is the basis for robust vital energy and health including less stress, anxiety and depression.

Certified Shiatsu massage therapists are located throughout Australia. Another option is to purchase a Shiatsu massage chair designed and built to stimulate the 12 meridians and produce the healthy flow of Ki. Shiatsu massage experts recommend selecting a full-featured chair like the Inada Dreamwave that delivers measurable results.

Helpful Tips For Beating Stress Before It Kills YouLess Stress Starting Today

Which of these tips should you try first? The best answer is the tip or tips you can start today.

Go for a walk, look for a more affordable vehicle and put your current one up for sale, get a massage or shop for a Shiatsu massage chair, make an appointment to talk with a trusted advisor about family problems and then address them with family members or replace unhealthy foods in your home with healthy options that taste great too.